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Date: 28 May 2017

Time: 03:45

Contact the Procurement Department

Procurement Department and Trust Warehouse
Units 32-34 Melchett Road
Kings Norton Business Centre
Birmingham, B30 3HG

For further help on any aspect of logistics or procurement, please contact the following:

General procurement help desk and contacts


Tel: 0121 627 2871 / 0121 627 2979 / 0121 627 2971

Procurement - Buying

Email: ProcurementBuying@uhb.nhs.uk

Logistics Inventory

Email: LogisticsInventory@uhb.nhs.uk

Procurement Team Management

Simon Clarke, Head of Procurement

Tel: 0121 627 2192
Email: Simon.Clarke@uhb.nhs.uk

Vacant – Head of Strategic Sourcing

Tel: N/A
Email: N/A

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Medical Procurement Team

Interim Medical Procurement Specialist

Tel: 0121 627 2175

Kirsty Walker, Acting Medical Procurement Specialist

Tel: 0121 697 8332
Email: Kirsty.Walker@uhb.nhs.uk

Vacant – Medical Procurement Specialist

Tel: 0121 627 2183

Chris Hannon, Medical Procurement Specialist

Tel: 0121 627 2183
Email: Chris.Hannon@uhb.nhs.uk

Razib Riaz, Medical Procurement Assistant

Tel: 0121 627 2181
Email: Razib.Riaz@uhb.nhs.uk

Jemma Ricketts, Strategic Sourcing Support

Tel: 0121 627 2119
Email: Jemma.Ricketts@uhb.nhs.uk

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Corporate Procurement Team

Pam Kelsall, Corporate Procurement Specialist

Tel: 0121 627 2821
Email: Pamela.Kelsall@uhb.nhs.uk

Nicola Watson, Corporate Procurement Specialist (Capital)

Tel: 0121 627 2908
Email: Nicola.Watson@uhb.nhs.uk

Carol Godfrey, Corporate Procurement Assistant

Tel: 0121 204 1839
Email: Carol.Godfrey@uhb.nhs.uk

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Buying Team

Denise Danks, Buyer

Tel: 0121 371 7666
Email: Denise.Danks@uhb.nhs.uk

Sue Hadley, Buyer

Tel: 0121 371 7661
Email: Sue.Hadley@uhb.nhs.uk

Baljinder Sangha, Buyer

Tel: 0121 371 7673
Email: Baljinder.Sangha@uhb.nhs.uk

Suhaila Qazi, Buyer

Tel: 0121 371 7663
Email: Suhaila.Qazi@uhb.nhs.uk

Mandeep Sandhu, Buyer

Tel: 0121 371 7661
Email: Mandeep.Sandhu@uhb.nhs.uk

Julie Cox, Buyer

Tel: 0121 371 7665
Email: Julie.Cox@uhb.nhs.uk

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Medicines Buying Team

Amanda Farrell, Medicines Buying Manager

Tel: 0121 627 2320
Email: Amanda.Farrell@uhb.nhs.uk

Carol Nokes, Medicines Buyer

Tel: 0121 627 2320
Email: Carol.Nokes@uhb.nhs.uk

Tom Acton, Medicines Buyer

Tel: 0121 627 2191
Email: Tom.Acton@uhb.nhs.uk

Matt Thomas, Medicines Buyer

Tel: 0121 627 2320
Email: Matt.Thomas@uhb.nhs.uk

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E-Commerce Team

Navdeep Sandha, E-Commerce Co-ordinator

Tel: 0121 627 2503
Email: Navdeep.Sandha@uhb.nhs.uk

Matthew Underhill, E-Commerce Co-ordinator

Tel: 0121 627 2320
Email: Matthew.Underhill@uhb.nhs.uk

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Logistics Team

Gordon Hancock, Head of Logistics and Supply Chain

Tel: 0121 371 7579
Email: Gordon.Hancock@uhb.nhs.uk

Sue Farrington, Logistics Quality Assurance Manager

Tel: 0121 627 2182
Email: Sue.Farrington@uhb.nhs.uk

Glen Hobbs, Logistics Warehouse Manager

Tel: ext. 0121 697 8454
Email: Glen.Hobbs@uhb.nhs.uk

Steve Ridley, Logistics Warehouse Deputy Manager

Tel: ext. 0121 697 3627
Email: Steve.Ridley@uhb.nhs.uk

Mark Plant, QEHB Logistics Manager

Tel: 0121 371 4043
Email: Mark.Plant@uhb.nhs.uk

David Wilkes, Acting Logistics Inventory Manager

Tel: 0121 627 2197/2058
Email: David.Wilkes@uhb.nhs.uk

Raj Purewal, Logistics Inventory Manager

Tel: 0121 627 2197

Malcolm Langham, Logistics Inventory Coordinator

Tel: 0121 627 5823

Ben Phillips, Logistics Inventory Coordinator

Tel: 0121 627 2865

Julie Farndon, Logistics Inventory Coordinator

Tel: 0121 627 2912

Asim Ali, Logistics Helpdesk Assistant

Tel: 0121 627 2865

Chileya Chomba, Logistics Helpdesk Assistant

Tel: 0121 627 2871

Jason Foy, Logistics Helpdesk Assistant

Tel: 0121 627 2979

Ryan Geoghegan, Logistics Helpdesk Assistant

Tel: 0121 627 2871

Procurement Help Desk

Tel: 0121 627 2871
Email: WarehouseHelpDesk@uhb.nhs.uk

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