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About cookies

A cookie is a small text file which is stored on your device to help a website work a certain way, or to store information about your visit to the website.

You can use your web browser's settings to delete or block cookies, but this may stop parts of the website from working.

For further information on cookies, including how to delete and block cookies in your browser, please see the Information Commission Officer's (ICO) website.

Cookies on this website

This website (www.uhb.nhs.uk) may store the cookies listed in the table below on your device, depending on which parts of the website you use.

Cookie namePurposeDurationAdditional information
useTextOnly This is used to store whether you are viewing a website in text-only mode or not. Persistent for three months. Strictly necessary cookie, to allow use of text-only feature. Only used on sites which include the text-only option.
setString This is used to store user preferences for viewing sites in text-only mode e.g. font-size and colour. Persistent for one month. Strictly necessary cookie, to allow use of text-only feature. Only used on sites which include the text-only option.
SitekitLogin This is used to store the username and password for "remember my login" feature on extranets. Persistent for one month. Strictly necessary cookie. Only used if there’s an extranet on the site with a "remember login" option.
AcceptCookies This is used to store whether you have agreed to receive cookies. Persistent for one year. Strictly necessary cookie.
SKSession Session cookie for extranet users. Without this cookie, an extranet user would be forced to log into each separate page on the extranet. Per session.  
SKTID Tracks the pages that a user visits while they navigate around your site. Per session.  
skdXXXX [where "XXXX" is a number] Used for account security, allowing the content management system which runs the website to remember devices which have previously logged in to extranets and the administration system.    
_ga, _gid, _gat, __utma, __utmt, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz, __utmv Google Analytics cookies used to measure website usage data. Various. We use Google Analytics to measure visits to our website. Please see the Google Analytics privacy document for full details of cookies.

Ask A&E symptom checker cookies

The Ask A&E tool itself is hosted separately and uses its own set of cookies, which you may be asked to accept when you use the tool. For further information on these cookies, please see the Ask A&E cookies page.