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Date: 18 October 2021

Time: 01:24

Consultant directory

With so many consultants, all with special interests, we appreciate it can be difficult for GPs to make the right referral choice, and it can be confusing for patients.

This consultant directory is offered as an easy reference guide to the specific clinical services and interests of all the consultants working at or for University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust.

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    • Secretary: 0121 371 2777
    • Extension: 12777
    • UHB
    Dr Daniel Bailey

    Dr Daniel Bailey, Consultant Neuroanaesthetist

    Qualified from Southampton in 2000 and trained in Birmingham. Special interest in neuroanaesthesia.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 2777
    • Extension: 12777
    • UHB
    Dr Alejandro Barrios

    Dr Alejandro Barrios, Consultant Anaesthetist

    Trained in Bogotá and Birmingham. Specialist interests in Intensive Care, and anaesthesia for Upper GI, Emergency Theatres, Trauma and Echocardiography.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 2777
    • Extension: 12777
    • UHB
    Dr Davinia Bennett

    Dr Davinia Bennett, Consultant Anaesthetist, Liver Transplant Specialist

    Qualified in 1995 Bristol University Medical School with an MBChB. Since then has become an FRCA and a PGCME. Before joining UHB, Dr Bennett worked in Brisbane, Australia and as a registrar in Birmingham.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 2777
    • Extension: 12777
    • UHB
    Dr Natish Bindal

    Dr Natish Bindal, Consultant Neuroanaesthetist

    Graduated from the University of Birmingham. Trained as a Specialist Registrar in the Birmingham School of Anaesthesia.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 2777
    • Extension: 12777
    • UHB
    Dr Michael I  Bowden

    Dr Michael I Bowden, Consultant Anaesthetist

    Qualified from University of Birmingham in 1984. He has an MBChB, an FRCA and is a specialist in anaesthesia for burns.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 5037
    • Extension: 15037
    • UHB
    Mr Naren Basu

    Mr Naren Basu, Consultant Breast and Oncoplastic Surgeon

    London trained. Degrees: Barts & The London, UCL, St. Mary's & Imperial. National Oncoplastic Fellowship (Manc). Other fellowships: Harvard, USA & Institut Curie, Paris. Developing QEHB's Oncoplastic Service. Completing MD: BRCA1/2 risk-reduction.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 5036
    • Extension: 15036
    • UHB
    Miss Salena Bains

    Miss Salena Bains, Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon

    Graduated from the University of Leicester. Awarded a PhD in Breast Cancer research from King's College London. Completed National Oncoplastic Fellowship. Special interest in medical education and ethnic diversity in breast cancer genomics.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4892
    • Extension: 14892
    • UHB
    Mr James Baden

    Mr James Baden, Consultant Plastic Surgeon

    Graduated in Dentistry from Dundee and in Medicine from Newcastle and became a fellow of the RCS in Glasgow in 1998. Fellowships in microsurgery at Bristol and in head and neck cancer in Oxford. Interests include facial and lower limb reconstruction.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4893
    • Extension: 14893
    • UHB
    Dr Joseph de Bono

    Dr Joseph de Bono, Consultant Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist

    Specializes in the management of abnormal heart rhythms. Qualified from Oxford University. Trained in Oxford before undertaking a senior fellowship in electrophysiology at the Heart Hospital, London. Interests in the management of atrial fibrillation.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4493
    • Extension: 14493
    • UHB
    Dr Sarah Bowater

    Dr Sarah Bowater, Consultant Cardiologist

    Graduated from London and completed specialist training in Birmingham. Specialises in adult congenital heart disease. Interests include heart failure, supportive care and heart disease in pregnancy and pulmonary hypertension in ACHD.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4448
    • Extension: 14448
    • UHB
    Dr William Bradlow

    Dr William Bradlow , Consultant Cardiologist (Imaging, Heart Muscle Disease)

    Undertook echocardiography in Auckland and cardiovascular magnetic resonance at the Royal Brompton Hospital before training in Oxford.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 8844
    • Extension: 18844
    • UHB
    Mr Moninder Singh Bhabra

    Mr Moninder Singh Bhabra, Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon

    Trained in London and the West Midlands and Consultant at Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals for 10 years before moving to UHB in 2014. Interests are in mitral valve repair, minimally invasive cardiac surgery and transcatheter aortic valve implantation.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 5889
    • Extension: 15889
    • UHB
    Mr Simon Bach

    Mr Simon Bach, Senior Lecturer, Colorectal Surgery

    Qualified from University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1992. Completed basic surgical training in the North East. Developed expertise in the evaluation of new bowel cancer treatments in Manchester and was awarded an MD for his research in this area.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 5895
    • Extension: 15895
    • UHB
    Professor Andrew Beggs

    Professor Andrew Beggs, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon

    Qualified Kings College London. Did surgical training in London & West Midlands, obtained a PhD in cancer biology from research carried out at the Uni of Oxford. Interests are laparoscopic cancer surgery & basic science research.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 2777
    • Extension: 12777
    • UHB
    Dr David Balthazor

    Dr David Balthazor, Consultant in Critical Care

    Qualified from University of Birmingham, 1996. Dip IMC RCS (Ed) 1998, MRCS 2001, FRCA 2005, FFICM 2014. Trained in West Midlands and Australia. Interests: pre hospital emergency medicine and trauma care.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 2777
    • Extension: 12777
    • UHB
    Dr Mansoor Nawaz Bangash

    Dr Mansoor Nawaz Bangash, Consultant in Anaesthesia and Critical Care

    Qualified from Birmingham in 2001 and was awarded his PhD in intensive care medicine in 2015. Special interests in liver intensive care, inflammation and the cellular and systems biology of critical illness.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4511
    • Extension: 14511
    • UHB
    Ms. Rupan Banga

    Ms. Rupan Banga, Consultant ENT Surgeon

    Graduated in from Sheffield University and trained in the West Midlands with fellowship training in Perth, Western Australia. Clinical interests include: chronic middle ear disease, surgery for hearing, implantation otology and balance.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4682
    • Extension: 14682
    • UHB
    Mr Tom Beech

    Mr Tom Beech, Senior Lecturer, Honorary Consultant Physician

    Graduated from Birmingham University. Trained in the West Midlands. Specialist interest in rhinology.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 2632
    • Extension: 12632
    • UHB
    Dr Barry Boland

    Dr Barry Boland, Consultant Emergency Medicine

    Graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 1997, moved to the West Midlands to undertake postgraduate training in emergency medicine in 2003. Areas of interest are the interface of emergency medicine with acute medical specialities and emergency department.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 2629
    • Extension: 12629
    • UHB
    Dr Matthew Boylan

    Dr Matthew Boylan, Military Consultant - Emergency Medicine

    Military Consultant in Emergency Medicine and Pre-hospital Care. Graduated from UWCM, Cardiff in 2002. Special interests include: Pre hospital emergency medicine, management of major trauma, and major incident management.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 6937
    • Extension: 16937
    • UHB
    Dr Kristien Boelaert

    Dr Kristien Boelaert, Honorary Consultant Endocrinologist

    Qualified in Belgium in 1995 and subsequently trained in West Midlands Hospitals obtaining MRCP and a PhD. Clinical research interests include the management of thyroid dysfunction, thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4985
    • Extension: 14985
    • UHB
    Dr Ralph Boulton

    Dr Ralph Boulton, Consultant Gastrointestinal

    Graduated with honours from London in 1987, followed by postgraduate training in London, Oxford and Cambridge. Moved to Birmingham after completing PhD at the Hammersmith Hospital. Clinical interests are inflammatory bowel disease and endoscopy.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4987
    • Extension: 14987
    • UHB
    Dr Neeraj Bhala

    Dr Neeraj Bhala, Consultant Gastroenterologist

    Clinical & research background from West Mids, Oxford, London & Wellington, NZ. General & specialist treatment of common gastrointestinal & liver diseases. Interest in population health science, preventing GI cancers and upper & lower GI endoscopy.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4969
    • Extension: 14969
    • UHB
    Mr Mark Brewster

    Mr Mark Brewster, Hand Surgery Consultant

    Trained in orthopaedics in the West Midlands. Hand surgery fellowship in Manchester. Awarded the British Hand Diploma, 2012. Interests include wrist surgery, arthroscopy, arthritis, Dupuytren's & hand trauma. Associate member of the BSSH.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 2312
    • Extension: 12312
    • UHB
    Dr Sharon Balamoody

    Dr Sharon Balamoody, Consultant Radiologist

    Graduated from Manchester and trained in radiology at the North Western Deanery. Fellowship in MSK radiology in Liverpool. Interests in musculoskeletal (MSK) radiology and a member of the Bone infection MDT and Major Trauma Collaborative MDT.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4284
    • Extension: 14284
    • UHB
    Lt Col Dr Mark Ballard

    Lt Col Dr Mark Ballard, Consultant Radiologist

    Graduated from Imperial College School of Medicine in 2003. Completed specialist training in Radiology at Brighton with a fellowship in Trauma and Head and Neck imaging at St Bartholomew's. Interests in trauma and extra cranial head and neck imaging.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 2312
    • Extension: 12312
    • UHB
    Dr Waseem Bashir

    Dr Waseem Bashir, Consultant Radiologist

    Qualified from Ninewells Hospital & Medical School. MRCP (UK) after medical rotation in Newcastle. SpR Radiology in Aberdeen. Fellowship in musculoskeletal radiology in Canada and Royal National Orthopaedic in London.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 2311
    • Extension: 12311
    • UHB
    Lt Col Robert Briard

    Lt Col Robert Briard, Consultant Interventional Radiologist

    Graduated from Southampton. Completed surgical training in Plymouth. Specialist training in Radiology in Brighton. Fellowship in Interventional Radiology at The Royal London Hospital. Interests in Interventional Radiology (vascular and non vascular).

    • Secretary: 0121 371 3986
    • Extension: 13986
    • UHB
    Mr Guy Burkill

    Mr Guy Burkill, Consultant Radiologist

    Graduated London 1993. Fellowship training at the Royal Marsden Hospital and a Consultant Radiologist since 2001. Sub-specialty interest is Oncological Imaging and in particularly PET-CT and diagnostic biopsy.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4743
    • Extension: 14743
    • UHB
    Mr Johno Breeze

    Mr Johno Breeze, Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon

    Completed medicine and dentistry at King's College London, a PhD in Birmingham and a fellowship in Craniomaxillofacial Trauma at Duke University, USA. Subspecialty interests in craniofacial trauma, vascular malformations and orthognathic surgery.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 6844
    • Extension: 16844
    • UHB
    Dr Hani Benamer

    Dr Hani Benamer, Consultant Neurologist, Neurology Acute

    Graduated from Tripoli. Obtained MRCP and neurology training in Glasgow. Gained PhD & CCST. Special interest in movement disorders. Honorary lecturer at UoB with interest in medical education. Senior editor of Libyan Journal of Medicine.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 6846
    • Extension: 16846
    • UHB
    Professor Antonio Belli

    Professor Antonio Belli, Consultant Neurosurgeon

    Graduated in Rome and completed a doctoral degree in neurobiochemistry of brain ischaemia and reperfusion. Trained as a neurosurgeon in London and is a leading member of the Surgical Reconstruction and Microbiology Research Centre

    • Secretary: 0121 424 7456
    • Extension: 47456
    • UHB
    Dr Shobhit Baijal

    Dr Shobhit Baijal, Medical Oncology Consultant

    Graduated from St Bartholomew's Medical College London, completed training in West Midlands. Specialise in the management of Lung, Gastrointestinal & Liver cancers. Interests: Precision medicine, targeted therapies, immunotherapy and clinical trials

    • Secretary: 0121 371 3589
    • Extension: 13589
    • UHB
    Dr Helen Benghiat

    Dr Helen Benghiat, Consultant Oncologist

    Specialist interest in neuro-oncology, paediatric radiotherapy and stereotactic radiosurgery.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 6921
    • Extension: 16921
    • UHB
    Lt Col Richard Blanch

    Lt Col Richard Blanch, Consultant Ophthalmologist

    Lt Col Blanch is a clinician scientist in the British Army. He trained in Ophthalmology in the West Midlands and Atlanta, USA. His specialist clinical and research interests are neuro-ophthalmology, cataract surgery and eye trauma.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 5100
    • Extension: 15100
    • UHB
    Dr Liam P Blaney

    Dr Liam P Blaney, Consultant Anaesthetist, Pain Management Specialist

    Trained and experienced in the management of all types of chronic pain. Aims to improve patients' pain control resulting in improved function, well-being and rehabilitation. This is achieved through a multi-disciplinary approach.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 3326
    • Extension: 13326
    • UHB
    Dr Rachel Brown

    Dr Rachel Brown, Consultant Pathologist, Cellular Pathology

    Qualified in 1993 from the University of Birmingham. Areas of interest include liver and hepatobiliary, head and neck.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 5842
    • Extension: 15842
    • UHB
    Dr Richard J Borrows

    Dr Richard J Borrows, Consultant Nephrologist

    Qualified from Cambridge University. Underwent further specialist training in London and Sydney. Has a particular interest in kidney transplantation. Has a productive research program in the clinical and translational aspects of transplantation.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 3478
    • Extension: 13478
    • UHB
    Dr Miriam Berry

    Dr Miriam Berry, Consultant Nephrologist

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4839
    • Extension: 14839
    • UHB
    Dr Mike Berry

    Dr Mike Berry, Consultant in Respiratory Physician

    1995 MB, ChB Birmingham University, 1999 Membership RCP, Edinburgh , 2006 MD, University of Leicester. MD Thesis, Exploration of Asthma Phenotypes, investigating inflammatory and clinical phenotypes of asthma and relationships to treatment response.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 6825
    • Extension: 16825
    • UHB
    Professor Simon J Bowman

    Professor Simon J Bowman, Consultant and Honorary Professor of Rheumatology

    Graduated in London, 1986. Gained fellowship of Royal College of Physicians, 2000. Became senior lecturer at UoB, 1996. Appointed full-time NHS consultant and honorary senior clinical lecturer at UoB, 2013. Appointed honorary professor, 2012.

    • Secretary: 0121 237 5720
    • UHB
    Dr Meg Boothby

    Dr Meg Boothby, Consultant - Genito-urinary Medicine

    Qualified from medical school in Birmingham in 1997. Professional areas of interest are genitourinary and HIV medicine.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4965
    • Extension: 14965
    • UHB
    Mr Khalid G Baloch

    Mr Khalid G Baloch, Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon

    First qualified from the University of Manchester in 1986. Specialises in knee arthroplasty and knee reconstruction.

    • Secretary: 0121 424 4562
    • Extension: 44562
    • UHB
    Mr Tarek Boutefnouchet

    Mr Tarek Boutefnouchet, Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic

    Trained in the West Midlands deanery with specialist interest in knee surgery. Completed 1 year post-CCT fellowship in knee arthroscopic and arthroplasty surgery in Montreal. Honorary researcher in mechanical engineering at Birmingham University

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4960
    • Extension: 14960
    • UHB
    Miss Deepa Bose

    Miss Deepa Bose, Trauma - Consultant

    Did a Welsh orthopaedic training rotation and was part of a limb reconstruction fellowship in Oxford. Research and clinical interests are complex lower limb trauma, bone infection, non-union, malunion and fractures with bone loss.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 5730
    • Extension: 15730
    • UHB
    Mr Mohammed Belal

    Mr Mohammed Belal, Consultant Urological Surgeon

    Graduated from Cambridge University, trained in London Specialist Registrar Rotation. Trained at Alfred Hospital, Australia, Guys Hospital and Bristol Urological Institute. Special interests are neuro-urology, urinary incontinence and reconstruction.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 5735
    • Extension: 15735
    • UHB
    Mr Rupesh Bhatt

    Mr Rupesh Bhatt, Consultant Urological Surgeon, Uro-oncology, Laparoscopy, Neurology

    Educated locally at the King Edwards School, Edgbaston. Gained masters degree, with honours, and did basic medical training at Cambridge. Interested in aspects of uro-oncology, in practice and research. Main research interest is in prostate cancer.

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