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Date: 18 October 2021

Time: 01:27

Consultant directory

With so many consultants, all with special interests, we appreciate it can be difficult for GPs to make the right referral choice, and it can be confusing for patients.

This consultant directory is offered as an easy reference guide to the specific clinical services and interests of all the consultants working at or for University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust.

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    • Secretary: 0121 371 6038
    • Extension: 16038
    • UHB
    Dr Shivanand Chavan

    Dr Shivanand Chavan, Consultant Anaesthetist

    Anaesthetic Consultant with special Interest in regional anaesthesia. Main work involves upper limb anaesthetic blocks for hand and shoulder surgery, burns and emergency. Educational supervisor for trainees.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 2767
    • Extension: 12767
    • UHB
    Dr Hannah Church

    Dr Hannah Church, Consultant Neuroanaesthetist

    Qualified from Nottingham medical school in 1999. Interests are neuroanaesthesia and anaesthetic anaphylaxis.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 2777
    • Extension: 12777
    • UHB
    Dr Mario Cibelli

    Dr Mario Cibelli, Consultant Anaesthetist

    Graduated from the University of Naples, Italy. Trained at Bristol Royal Infirmary, Papworth and ICL. Special interests in cardiothoraic anaesthesia research, neurosciences, delirium, post-operative cognitive dysfunction, pain and critical care.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 2777
    • Extension: 12777
    • UHB
    Dr Hentie Cilliers

    Dr Hentie Cilliers, Consultant Anaesthetist

    Qualified in South Africa, Pretoria in 1999 and trained in anaesthetics in Coventry. Worked in Bloemfontein and Pietersburg in South Africa for three years specialising in liver and thoracic anaesthesia.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 2767
    • Extension: 12767
    • UHB
    Dr Katie Clift

    Dr Katie Clift, Consultant Neuroanaesthetist

    Qualified in 1996 from Birmingham Medical School. Katie has a special interest in neuroanaesthesia.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 2777
    • Extension: 12777
    • UHB
    Dr Nick Crombie

    Dr Nick Crombie, Consultant Anaesthetist and Clinical Service Lead

    Qualified in 1999 from Nottingham. Since then has become an FRCA, London 2006. He has a Diploma in Immediate Medical Care, Royal College Surgeons, Edinburgh 2008. Appointed consultant QEHB 2009.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 2777
    • Extension: 12777
    • UHB
    Dr Kerry Cullis

    Dr Kerry Cullis, Consultant Anaesthetist

    Graduated from Birmingham Medical School in 1997. Trained at the Birmingham School of Anaesthesia. Previously a specialist registrar in Birmingham School of Anaesthesia. Special interests include obstetric anaesthesia and maternal critical care.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4884
    • Extension: 14884
    • UHB
    Miss Elizabeth Chipp

    Miss Elizabeth Chipp, Burns and plastics Consultant Surgeon

    Qualified from Birmingham University, 2004 ,and completed plastic surgery training in the West Midlands. Specialises in management of acute burns and reconstruction. Interests: Microsurgery and medical education and training.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4731
    • Extension: 14731
    • UHB
    Dr Paul Clift

    Dr Paul Clift, Consultant Cardiologist, Adult Congenital Heart Disease

    Trained at Birmingham Children's Hospital and the Great Ormond Street and Heart Hospital in London. Is a specialist in adult congenital heart disease. Has carried out varied research into congenital heart disease.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4379
    • Extension: 14379
    • UHB
    Dr Sridhar Chaganti

    Dr Sridhar Chaganti, Consultant Haematologist, Clinical Service Lead for Clinical Haematology

    Specialist training in the West Midlands Deanery. PhD in cancer studies from University of Birmingham. Research interest in EBV and lymphomas. Special interests are in Haematologic malignancies, lymphomas, and stem cell transplantation.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4379
    • Extension: 14379
    • UHB
    Dr Fiona Clark

    Dr Fiona Clark, Consultant and Clinical Service Lead

    Consultant Haematologist and Clinical Service Lead for QEHB, specialist interest in haemato-oncology, including blood cancer diagnostics, low-grade lymphoproliferative and myeloproliferative disease.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4382
    • Extension: 14382
    • UHB
    Prof Mark Cook

    Prof Mark Cook, Consultant Haematologist

    Qualified from University of Bristol Medical School in 1998. Appointed at UHB in 2004 and became Clinical Service Lead in 2006. Special interests include myeloma, plasma cell disorders and stem cell transplantation.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4384
    • Extension: 14384
    • UHB
    Professor Charlie Craddock CBE

    Professor Charlie Craddock CBE, Consultant Haematologist, Stem Cell Transplation, Acute and Chronic Leukaemia

    Director of the Blood and Marrow Transplant (BMT) Unit. Previously studied at the University of Washington and the Hammersmith Hospital. Former President of the British Society of Bone Marrow Transplantation and Medical Director of the Anthony Nolan.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 5893
    • Extension: 15893
    • UUB
    Miss Melissa Cunha

    Miss Melissa Cunha, Consultant General & Colorectal Surgeon

    Qualified in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Completed surgical training in East Midlands. Obtained a PhD in molecular cancer biology from research carried out at the University of Manchester. Interests are laparoscopic colorectal surgery and medical education.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 6816
    • Extension: 16816
    • UHB
    Dr Thomas Clutton-Brock

    Dr Thomas Clutton-Brock, Consultant Anaesthetist

    First qualified in medicine from Bristol University in 1980. Has gone on to gain an MRCP and an FRCA. Carries out research for University of Birmingham. Internationally recognised as an expert in medical devices.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 5123
    • Extension: 15123
    • UHB
    Dr Ser-Ling Chua

    Dr Ser-Ling Chua, Consultant Dermatologist

    Qualified from Guy's and St Thomas' Hospitals. Dermatology training at Nottingham University Hospitals. Research fellowship at University of California, San Francisco. Special interests: dermatologic conditions associated with HIV/AIDS and infection.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 5124
    • Extension: 15124
    • UHB
    Dr Agustin Martin Clavijo

    Dr Agustin Martin Clavijo, Consultant Dermatologist, Skin Oncology

    Qualified in 1995. His areas of professional interest are dermatological surgery and skin oncology.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4512
    • Extension: 14512
    • UHB
    Mr Chris Coulson

    Mr Chris Coulson, Consultant ENT Surgeon

    Graduated from Nottingham University and trained in West Midlands with fellowship training in Toronto, Canada. Clinical interests in chronic middle ear disease, balance ossiculoplasty and implantation otology. Research interest in robotic surgery.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 2709
    • Extension: 12709
    • UHB
    Dr Ruchi Chugh

    Dr Ruchi Chugh, Consultant Geriatrician

    Qualified from India and trained in geriatric medicine in London Deanery. Consultant since 2012. Special interests include surgical liaison and front door geriatrics.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 2634
    • Extension: 12634
    • UHB
    Miss Helen Chatwin

    Miss Helen Chatwin, Consultant Emergency Medicine

    Biography pending.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4987
    • Extension: 14987
    • UHB
    Dr Rachel Cooney

    Dr Rachel Cooney, Consultant Gastroenterologist

    Qualified in Dublin and trained at Mater and St James' Hospital Dublin and at the Mayo Clinic Rochester. PhD for work on the genetics and immunology of Crohn's Disease and have an interest in enteral feeding issues and inflammatory body disease.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 5909
    • Extension: 15909
    • UHB
    Dr Sheldon Cooper

    Dr Sheldon Cooper, Clinical Lead - Endoscopy

    Graduated from University of Birmingham, 1996. Doctoral research into the aetiology of oesophageal adenocarcinoma. Specialises in intestinal failure and clinical nutrition, providing home parenteral nutrition, IBD and upper GI cancer.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4897
    • Extension: 14897
    • UHB
    Mr Darren Chester

    Mr Darren Chester, Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Clinical Service Lead for Hand Surgery

    Trained in plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery in the well-respected West Midlands training programme. Awarded the coveted McGregor medal for his performance in the Royal College of Surgeons Plastic Surgery examinations.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4969
    • Extension: 14969
    • UHB
    Mr Michael Craigen

    Mr Michael Craigen, Consultant Orthopaedic and Hand Surgeon

    Work involves problems of the hand, wrist and elbow. Interests in wrist problems including fractures, upper limb spasticity and complex hand fractures. Trained in orthopaedic surgery and did specialist training in hand surgery in the UK and USA.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 2372
    • Extension: 12372
    • UHB
    Dr Swarupsinh V Chavda

    Dr Swarupsinh V Chavda, Consultant Neuroradiologist, MRI

    Subspecialty expertise in ENT and ophthalmology and neuropsychiatry imaging. Qualified from Nairobi. Postgraduate training in the West Midlands and at National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 2312
    • Extension: 12312
    • UHB
    Dr Surabhi Choudhary

    Dr Surabhi Choudhary, Consultant Radiologist

    Graduated from Pondicherry University, India. Completed subspecialist training in musculoskeletal radiology. Interest in diagnostic and interventional imaging for trauma and orthopaedics, hand surgery, sport medicine and rheumatology.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4284
    • Extension: 14284
    • UHB
    Dr Steve Colley

    Dr Steve Colley, Consultant Radiologist

    Qualified from Bristol Medical School in 1998 and became consultant at UHB in 2008. Professional sub speciality interests include radiology of the extra cranial head and neck, sialography/interventional sialography, neck ultrasound and skin oncology.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4251
    • Extension: 14251
    • UHB
    Dr Nick Coupe

    Dr Nick Coupe, Consultant Neuroradiologist

    BSc MBChB MRCS MMedSci FRCR. Graduated from St Andrews and Manchester in 2003. Basic surgical and radiology training in the West Midlands, neuroradiology training in the West Midlands and London. Interests include skull base and degenerative disease.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 6855
    • Extension: 16855
    • UHB
    Mr Ramesh Chelvarajah

    Mr Ramesh Chelvarajah, Consultant Neurosurgeon

    Trained at St Thomas Hospital, University of London and completed functional neurosurgical fellowship at King's College Hospital. Interests: surgical management of epilepsy, dystonia, trigeminal neuralgia, refractory pain and neurobehavioral conditions.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 6894
    • Extension: 16894
    • UHB
    Mr Marcin Czyz

    Mr Marcin Czyz, Consultant Spine Neurosurgeon

    Graduated 2006. Ph.D. thesis in biomechanics 2010. Fellowship trained in Nottingham and New York. Interested in spinal oncology, complex spinal reconstructions, minimally invasive surgery and genomics. Member of the AOSpine Council UK and Ireland.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 3323
    • Extension: 13323
    • UHB
    Dr Shalini Chaudhri

    Dr Shalini Chaudhri, Consultant Histopathologist

    Qualified from the Armed Forces Medical College India. Specialist training in histopathology in India and UK.. Fellow of the Royal College of Pathology. Special interests are breast and urological pathology.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 5839
    • Extension: 15839
    • UHB
    Professor Paul Cockwell

    Professor Paul Cockwell, Consultant Nephrologist

    Qualified from the University of Wales in 1987. Trained in general medicine in South Wales and Leeds, and as a renal physician in the West Midlands. A member and Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians. Has a PhD in the immunology of renal disease.

    • Secretary: 0121 237 5721
    • UHB
    Dr Rachel Caswell

    Dr Rachel Caswell, Consultant in Sexual Health and HIV Medicine

    Graduated Trinity College, Ireland in 2001. Received specialist registrar training in London and West Midlands, achieving CCT in 2015. Interests in sexual violence and domestic abuse within Umbrella sexual health services.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4945
    • Extension: 14945
    • UHB
    Mr Samuel Chan

    Mr Samuel Chan, Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon, Shoulder & Elbow Surgery

    Birmingham University graduate 2003. Trained in Orthopaedics in West Midlands. Fellowship trained in Shoulder and Elbow Surgery.Specialist interests: Complex shoulder and elbow trauma, shoulder and elbow arthroscopy and arthroplasty, sports injuries

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4944
    • Extension: 14944
    • UHB
    Mr Julian Cooper

    Mr Julian Cooper, Consultant Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon, Pelvic Fractures

    Graduated from Birmingham in 1990. Trained in orthopaedics in Birmingham and did AO Trauma Fellowship in Boston, USA. Interest in orthopaedic trauma especially pelvic and acetabular fractures, non-union and malunion, anatomy, statistics and imaging.

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