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Date: 25 October 2021

Time: 07:21

Consultant directory

With so many consultants, all with special interests, we appreciate it can be difficult for GPs to make the right referral choice, and it can be confusing for patients.

This consultant directory is offered as an easy reference guide to the specific clinical services and interests of all the consultants working at or for University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust.

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    • Secretary: 0121 371 2777
    • Extension: 12777
    • UHB
    Dr Paul Dias

    Dr Paul Dias, Consultant Neuroanaesthetist

    Graduated from Nottingham in 1997. Special interests include neuro-anaesthesia and major trauma.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 2777
    • Extension: 12777
    • UHB
    Dr Graeme Dickson

    Dr Graeme Dickson, Consultant Anaesthetist, Burns

    Graduated in Melbourne in 1977 with a MBBS BMedSci. Received training in London and Birmingham. Special interest in anaesthesia for burns.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 2777
    • Extension: 12777
    • UHB
    Dr Fraser I Duncan

    Dr Fraser I Duncan, Consultant Anaesthetist, Neuro

    First qualified in 1977 and has gained a BSc, an MBChB and an FRCA. He has a specialist interest in the causes and relief of complex pain syndromes and runs his own pain relief clinic. He is also a fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4036
    • Extension: 14036
    • UHB
    Dr Purushottam Desai

    Dr Purushottam Desai, Consultant Cardiologist

    Graduated from Bombay University in 1986. Training in adult and paediatric cardiology at King Edward VII Hospital, Mumbai. Cardiology training in London and Midlands. Joined the Trust in 2009. Special interest in the field of heart failure.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4613
    • Extension: 14613
    • UHB
    Dr Sagar Doshi

    Dr Sagar Doshi, Consultant Cardiologist, Ischaemic Heart Disease, Coronary Angioplasty

    Obtained his first medical qualifications in Wales in 1990. Specialist clinical interest is in angioplasty. Research interests include stents, bifurcations and coronary angioplasty.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4523
    • UHB
    Mrs Charlotte Dawson

    Mrs Charlotte Dawson, Consultant in Metabolic Medicine

    Received training at UCLH and Bristol in metabolic medicine, and a PhD in molecular biochemistry. Interested in adult inherited metabolic disorders, and lipid metabolism. Runs an outreach service for patients with inherited metabolic disorders.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 2629
    • Extension: 12629
    • UHB
    Surg Comm Alon Duby

    Surg Comm Alon Duby, Military Consultant - Emergency Medicine

    Biography pending.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 6987
    • Extension: 16987
    • UHB
    Mrs Charlotte Dawson

    Mrs Charlotte Dawson, Consultant in Metabolic Medicine

    Received training at UCLH and Bristol in metabolic medicine, and a PhD in molecular biochemistry. Interested in adult inherited metabolic disorders, and lipid metabolism. Runs an outreach service for patients with inherited metabolic disorders.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 5884
    • Extension: 15884
    • UHB
    Mr Anant Desai

    Mr Anant Desai, Consultant Surgeon, Upper GI and Colorectal

    Graduated from Queens College, Cambridge and The Royal Free, London. Completed specialist training in the West Midlands before undertaking Fellowships. Main interest: Surgical Oncology with an emphasis on abdominal and retroperitoneal sarcomas.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 5882
    • Extension: 15882
    • UHB
    Surg Comm Catherine Doran

    Surg Comm Catherine Doran, Consultant Surgeon, Emergency and Colorectal

    Graduated from Trinity College, Dublin in 1997 and joined the Royal Navy Reserve in 2002. Completed colorectal surgery training in Oxford and has interests in emergency and trauma surgery and colorectal conditions.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 5011
    • Extension: 15011
    • UHB
    Dr Hassan Douis

    Dr Hassan Douis, Consultant Radiologist

    Biography pending.

    • Secretary: 0121 414 4069
    • UHB
    Professor Mark Drayson

    Professor Mark Drayson, Consultant Immunologist

    Qualified from Manchester University. Is Professor and Director of the Clinical Immunology Service. Has interests in haematolymphoid malignancy and immunodeficiency, and laboratory tests for immune diseases.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 5029
    • Extension: 15029
    • UHB
    Mr Stephen M Dover

    Mr Stephen M Dover, Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Craniofacial Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery and Implantology

    Qualified from the University of Birmingham. Passed fellowship in dental surgery from RCS in 1984. Specialises in reconstruction and management of paediatric and adult facial deformity.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 6515
    • Extension: 16515
    • UHB
    Dr Miruna David

    Dr Miruna David, Consultant Microbiologist

    Special interests in antimicrobial prescribing and infections in immunocompromised. The clinical service lead for laboratory microbiology, her focus is on continually developing a responsive modern microbiology laboratory service. 

    • Secretary: 0121 371 6844
    • Extension: 16844
    • UHB
    Dr Nicholas P Davies

    Dr Nicholas P Davies, Consultant Neurologist, Neurology and Neuromuscular Conditions

    Trained in Birmingham and the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London. Specialist interests include: Neuromuscular disorders, metabolic diseases and ion channel disorders.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 6872
    • Extension: 16872
    • UHB
    Mr Jasmeet Dhir

    Mr Jasmeet Dhir, Consultant Spinal Neurosurgeon, Clinical Service Lead for Neurosurgery

    Trained in the West Midlands followed by Spinal fellowship in Cardiff. Interests: Spinal pathologies, degenerative, trauma, tumour (including intra-dural), and minimally invasive fixation techniques. Educational Supervisor for neurosurgical trainees.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 6905
    • Extension: 16905
    • UHB
    Professor Alastair Denniston

    Professor Alastair Denniston, Consultant Ophthalmologist (Uveitis/Med Retina)

    Graduated from the University of Cambridge and awarded a PhD from the University of Birmingham. Previously clinical lecturer at the University of Birmingham. Special interests include uveitis, ocular inflammatory disease and medical retina.

    • Secretary: 0121 414 4016
    • Extension: 44032
    • UHB
    Dr Nayneeta S Deshmukh

    Dr Nayneeta S Deshmukh, Consultant Histopathologist

    Graduated from Mumbai, India. Trained in India and the UK. Fellow of the Royal College of Pathology. Specialist interests include urology, sarcoma and GI pathology.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 5853
    • Extension: 15853
    • UHB
    Dr Clara Day

    Dr Clara Day, Consultant Nephrologist

    Qualified from University of Oxford, 1995. Trained as a junior in general medicine at QE and Selly Oak hospitals before training in renal medicine. Has clinical interests in inflammatory renal diseases, pregnancy in renal disease and haemodialysis.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 4842
    • Extension: 14842
    • UHB
    Dr Davinder Dosanjh

    Dr Davinder Dosanjh, Consultant in Respiratory Physician

    Dr Dosanjh completed his undergraduate training in Oxford. Whilst there he undertook a DPhil concentrating on the T-cell based diagnosis of M. tuberculosis infection. He has been a Lecturer in the region with research interests in Pneumonia.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 6824
    • Extension: 16824
    • UHB
    Dr Emma Derrett-Smith

    Dr Emma Derrett-Smith, Consultant Rheumatologist

    Qualified in London and trained in Rheumatology in the South-East. My clinical and research interest is scleroderma and related connective tissue diseases. I also work at the Royal Free Hospital Scleroderma Clinic.

    • Secretary: 0121 371 5883
    • Extension: 15883
    • UHB
    Mr Jan Dmitrewski

    Mr Jan Dmitrewski, Consultant Surgeon, Upper GI

    Graduated from Warsaw Medical School, Poland. Special interests in gastroesophageal cancer surgery, gallstone disease, and anti-reflux surgery.

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