Proposed changes to adult services across Solihull, Good Hope and Heartlands Hospitals

University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust is considering reorganising some of its adult services across Solihull, Good Hope and Heartlands hospitals to improve outcomes and reduce waiting times for patients.

The specific services that the Trust would like to make changes to are trauma and orthopedics, and gynaecology services.

The proposed changes are not about removing any services or saving money; the Trust is investing £2.5m in its estate to provide high-quality, dedicated facilities, which will support the creation of centres of excellence for the different specialties.

The proposals mainly apply to surgical procedures only (operations) and may mean that patients may need to attend a hospital which is not their local hospital, for their operation. However, while some people may have to travel further for certain treatments, the vast majority would continue to be treated at their local hospital.

It is estimated the proposed changes would affect around 10 patients a day. To put this in perspective, the hospitals see around 1,200 A&E attendances, more than 5,000 outpatients and 500 day case procedures a day.

There would be no proposed changes to where pre- and post-operative outpatient, X-ray, scans and therapy (e.g. physiotherapy) appointments take place – they would still take place at the patient’s local hospital. There will be no changes to children’s services.

The planned reorganisation is supported by a significant number of specialist clinicians (e.g. doctors and nurses) who see these proposals as the best and most sustainable way to deliver care to residents of Birmingham, Solihull and South Staffordshire.

Engagement process

During the six week joint engagement process with Birmingham and Solihull CCG, we engaged with over 200 members of staff who would be directly affected by proposed service changes, held three drop-in sessions for patients, carers and members of the public and over 1,800 people visited the website or completed the survey. We’ve also shared the proposed service changes with 6,930 of our Trust members and 32 governors.

We will be presenting our findings at the Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee in September. When we can, we’ll share the findings of the engagement process and keep you updated on the proposed service changes.

Frequently asked questions

How would I get to Good Hope, Heartlands or Solihull Hospital via public transport?

Plan your journey at the Network West Midlands route planner webpage.

How do I know how far it is from my home to the proposed new hospital for my procedure if I am travelling by car?

Plan your journey on the AA route planner webpage.

Would I still have the same consultant as I’ve seen previously or will I need to see someone different?

As is currently the case, the aim is for patients to receive consistent care as much as possible.

Would I need to go to the hospital where I had my procedure for my pre- and post-operative care?

You would receive your pre-operative and post-operative care, including outpatient and physiotherapy appointments, at your local hospital.

Would you be cutting back on staff under these proposals?

These proposals are not about removing any of our services or staff, or saving money. They are about patients being treated quicker, with reduced complications and likelihood of cancellation, being treated and cared for by a skilled workforce in environments designed for modern healthcare which in turn will support the retention and recruitment of staff. 

Do these proposals include the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, Birmingham Women’s Hospital or Birmingham Children’s Hospital?

No these proposals do not include these hospitals.

Under the proposals, will any of the hospitals be downgraded?

No, we are enhancing services not downgrading them. By investing in these services and improving the way these services are delivered, the Trust would hope to improve the quality of patient care by:

Under the proposals will Good Hope Hospital’s A&E be downgraded? First stroke patients have moved and now non-ambulatory trauma.

No it’s about providing the best experience for patients and providing the right care in the right place. Please see above.

Would patients previously kept in as inpatients now be expected to manage at home?

Yes – with a conversation with patients and families and as a joint decision.

How will Heartlands Hospital cope with additional non-ambulatory trauma patients from Good Hope Hospital?

Rather than demand increasing at any of our hospitals, the aim with these proposals is that more patients will be treated quicker, with reduced complications and likelihood of cancellation, being treated and cared for by a skilled workforce in environments designed for modern healthcare.

How are children’s services affected?

Children are currently cared for at both Heartlands and Good Hope hospitals with all major trauma patients being cared for already at Heartlands Paediatric Unit. There is no envisaged change to the way children access and receive care within this proposed model.

How are patients going to get a say about these proposals?

There is six-week engagement process underway where the Trust and CCG combined are seeking out the publics’ views about these proposals. This includes drop-in events at Solihull Hospital and Good Hope Hospital on the 5 – 6 August 2019. We are keen to hear your views:

Access the service change survey to give feedback on these proposals.

Are the plans a ‘done deal’?

We are going through a thorough engagement process and are keen to hear your views. Complete the service change survey website.

How do staff feel about these proposals?

The proposals are supported by a significant number of specialist clinicians who see these proposals as the best and most sustainable way to deliver care to residents of Birmingham and Solihull. Many have been involved in the development of these plans. Meetings will be held with staff to talk through any implications for them over the coming weeks.

Why have these proposals been suggested now?

Working with specialist clinicians, the Trust has identified some changes that can be made to treat patients quicker and improve patient outcomes and experience.

Are you going to reimburse patient and/or visitor travel costs?

If you are an inpatient and you need to transfer to a different hospital as part of your care journey, you will go via hospital transport.

If you are having a planned procedure or operation, unless you are eligible, you will not receive reimbursement for travel costs. 

See more on travel costs and parking fees. Visitors will not receive reimbursement for travel costs.

How will I know which hospital I’m going to?

Your appointment letter will include details of the hospital location, plus information to help you prepare for your operation or procedure.

Is this the surgery reconfiguration proposals in another guise?

These are separate proposals to the surgery reconfiguration plans back in 2014/15. Since Heart of England NHS Foundation NHS Trust merged with University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, the leadership team have identified where changes can be made to improve the way services are delivered at the new organisation.

If I went to any of the Trust’s A&E departments with a broken limb, how would I get to where I needed to be for my operation?

This would depend on the nature of the injury but if you needed surgery, under the proposals you would be stabilised at whichever A&E you attended and a plan would be put in place by the team caring for you. After being stabilised, you might be able to go home and then be recalled to the best place for your surgery.

If I am in early pregnancy and start bleeding, where do I go?

Go to your nearest A&E department.

Is there visitor parking at all hospitals?

Yes all of our hospital sites have visitor car parking. See the car parking and visiting times pages.

If I’m an inpatient but need to travel between hospital sites, will the Trust arrange for this to happen?

Yes if you are an inpatient and need to be transferred to another of our sites, we make the travel arrangements for you.


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