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Coronavirus staff guidance University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

Booking fit test training

Last updated: 12 July 2021 at 13:50

If you are a member of staff working in areas that require FFP3 respiratory masks, you can now book fit test training by contacting the Fit Testing Team on:


Please state the site you are based at and provide a couple of date and time availabilities. The team will then allocate a slot for you.

Please remember, when attending training you must ensure that you:

  • Bring your payroll number, so the Fit Testing team can update your Easy Learning record after the training
  • Bring eye glasses if you usually wear them at work
  • Bring goggles/visors if you need to wear them at work
  • Tie your hair up

Please note: it is not possible to provide a compliant fit test for a FFP3 respirator mask if you wear a head covering such as a turban, or have facial hair. You can, however, wear a respirator hood. More information on respirator hoods can be found under "Related pages".

As a reminder, you should be fit tested if:

  • You have lost/gained a significant amount of weight, causing your face to change shape
  • You have had nasal/dental/facial surgery which has changed the shape of your face
  • There have been changes to the make and/or model of the mask that is available

As a rule, you should be fit tested every two years for each type of FFP3 mask you are wearing. If you do not believe you have had a session within that time frame for a specific mask that comes into stock at the Trust, you must get a fit test booked in.

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