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Date: 7 May 2021

Time: 17:59

easylearning logo


Easylearning allows you to access your training records, book training and receive reminders.

Login details

Your login details will be your Trust email address unless you have chosen to change it.

New users

To access Easylearning you will need to complete the registration form:

Guidance is available to new users from the "Downloads" section.

Frequently asked questions

A list of Easylearning FAQs are available from the "Downloads" section.

Getting started

How do I get to the site to register and once I am registered?

On the intranet home page you will see the easylearning logo which is a green lightbulb. You can also access Easylearning via:

Register with Easylearning

You will need the following to log into Easylearning:

  • Surname
  • Trust email address
  • Employee number (eight digit number without a '-2' at the end if you have a second assignment, which can be found on your payslip)

You will need to choose a password which must be at least eight characters long. Easylearning will send you a verification email. In the email follow the link, select your line manager and answer three role specific questions. If you have more than one job, please answer for the role that requires the most job relevant training.

What’s my password?

Your password will be at least eight digits. If you need to reset it, please see the following link:

Viewing your record

How do I view my training record?

From the homepage (once they’ve logged in) click on ‘My Training Record’ on the left hand side.

The start date is the date of the training and date booked is when it was recorded. 

Under “my certificates” there are skills that I do not think I require. What do I do?

Please ask your manager to email to confirm this and we will pass this on to the relevant lead for approval of the exemption.



Heartlands, Good Hope and Solihull hospitals


What happens to my mandatory training record if I go out of the office for a period for example maternity, external secondment career break or paternity leave?

Your training record will drop into the “non mandatory” section until you return to work.

There may be a short delay while your ESR record is updated with your absence.


Booking training

I have received a reminder email. How do I book my training?

Please click on the link in the email reminder and log into easylearning.

  1. Once you have selected your course click the book button
  2. Select if for you or someone else (managers can book their team on). Click "Continue".
  3. Check it is the right course and select a date.
  4. Click continue if correct or discard if incorrect.
  5. Check your Line Manager is correct - you can change this now if incorrect as your manager will need to authorise your training.
  6. Tick the box for the terms and conditions and click continue.
  7. This has now been sent to your line manager to approve.

I have booked but I haven’t received a confirmation email

When you book a course an email is sent to your manager to approve it.

Once your manager has approved your training request you will receive a confirmation email.

If you haven’t please check with your manager that it is approved.

There were no dates available do I go on the waiting list for a course?

If you log onto easy learning and choose the course that you want to book for you can only view the first eight dates. To see more dates click on the “show all events” which is located just above the list of course dates.

By clicking on that link you will be able to see more than the 8 showing dates.

My line manager was not there in the system



Heartlands, Good Hope and Solihull hospitals


Changing bookings

I can't attend this session. Can I rebook/cancel?

Cancel the booked session and then book yourself on the next session through easylearning.

In order to cancel a training session that you are already booked for, you will need to log onto easy learning system and under "my training" you will see the date you are currently booked for.

Click on the date and on the following screen you will see the option to cancel your booking.

If you are unable to cancel your training session it means that your request has not yet been approved by your line manager. In this case you will need to contact your manager to cancel it.

After the course

I have received a feedback form online and I completed on face-to-face, do I need to do both?

You don't have to complete two feedback forms.

As the easy learning system is still fairly new we ask participants to complete one of the two feedback forms (online or face-to-face).

If you would like to fill in both forms there is no problem with that.

The future plan is that all learners will complete feedback forms online onto the easy learning system.

How can I download my certificates?

In order to download your certificates, log into easy learning and go to "My Training Record" on the left hand side under "Reports".

You will be able to see your certificates by clicking on the red rosette next to your confirmed attendance.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to see any other certificates from previous courses because the system displays only the certificates completed since the beginning of the easy learning system.

Online certificates from Moodle courses

Please note for any course completed online on Moodle your record on easylearning will be updated and you will see under "My Training Record" on the left hand side under "Reports" the course will be marked as completed and pass.

If the course you have completed has a certificate (as not all have) this will be on the Moodle course page in the section called Certification & Training Record.

If you need a certificate as proof of your Moodle training for CPD, please download and save an electronic PDF copy of your Moodle Certificate as soon as you complete a course.

Please note: Once a Moodle course is closed you will be unable to access the course certificate. It is requested that you only print a copy of a Moodle Certificate if absolutely necessary.


How do I view my team?

My team

Your team member's information is in "My Team" section on the right of the screen.

This has three sections:

  • Edit
  • Certificates
  • Training records

To edit your team, click on Edit.

You will then have the option to click on Add or Remove team members at the bottom of the screen. Search by using the first three letters of their first name and the first three letters of their surname.

Remember to save or your changes will not be made. If some of your team are missing, this could mean the team member hasn't signed in yet.


As well as viewing your own certificates, line managers can see certificates for individual members of their team and a summary for the whole team.

Users who have been assigned the Shared Responsibility of Compliance Dashboard by a line manager will also be able to see the Team Certificates Summary page.

If you click on the blue link for each of the training subjects you can see who has completed and who is outstanding.

Training records

This gives you an overview of each team member and their booking history.

As well as viewing your own certificates (training records), line managers can see different levels of:

  • results for your immediate team
  • your team and any teams they manage
  • required skills only - should be ticked

Show compliance for:

  • all categories
  • statutory and mandatory
  • role based

How do I select my team?

In order to have a team you must first be set up as a team manager. This can be done in two ways.

  1. A member of your team selects you as their manager which will change your status
  2. By contacting and requesting your status is changed to manager

Why am I receiving reminder emails for my staff who are already booked on training?

Please note that the emails that you receive are automatic from the easylearning system and will continue until they complete the training as they may cancel the course or not.

My team member's details (e.g. name) have changed. How do I update easylearning?

The records on easylearning are driven by ESR in order for the records on the LMS (easy learning system) to be updated, the payroll team needs to update the ESR system and this will update the LMS.

If you want to update the records of a member of your team please complete the relevant change form for payroll.

How can I book my staff on training?

You can book your staff on training for skills that they require to update.

Log into easylearning and click "course search" at the top of the page.

After searching for the course that you want them to be booked for, you click on "I want to make this purchase for someone else" and then you follow the process to book them on training.

I am getting reminders for my team as well. Is this correct?

These reminder emails are sent for all skills for all staff.

The purpose of the reminders if to give your team and you the time to arrange their training so that they remain in date.

How does line manager authorisation work?

The system sends you an email to ask you to authorise training requests from your team members.

If a member of your team asks you to authorise training and you have not received any emails about it, please log on easylearning.

On the right side of the homepage of your easylearning account there is a section called "My Task List".

If you have any training requests from your team they will be located in that section.

Why do I need to authorise training?

To ensure full use of our training sessions all training courses must be authorised by the line manager via easylearning.

If the request has been on the system for more than 14 days without being authorised then the place will be cancelled to enable others to book on.

Please note that if you don't have access to a computer/on leave to accept or decline training requests for your team members, the system allows you to give proxy authorisation to another member of your team (e.g. personal assistant) who will be able to accept or decline these requests on your behalf.

How to share responsibilities

My Shared responsibilities allows you to give another user the ability to do things on your behalf, this is useful if you have someone either organises training for your team or will be covering in your absence.

In the My Shared Responsibilities section click on the add button.

Search for the user with whom you wish to share responsibilities and click on their name, from the list pick which functions you would like them to have access to and press share.

How do I cancel a booking for a member of my team?

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the easylearning home page. In the right column, you will see your team member. Click on the blue head and shoulders next to the corresponding name
  2. This will take you to a summary of their skills. Click on Training Record
  3. Click the blue number under the bookings heading that relates to the event you would like to cancel
  4. Click Cancel booking
  5. Type the reason for the cancellation and your contact number
  6. Click Cancel booking
  7. Wait for the page to load until you will then see a confirmation in green, then press Done

Verifications and competencies

For some of our courses you may be asked to do a “verification”. An example of this would be to evidence a clinical competency such as IV therapy.

The videos below explain how complete a verification on easylearning.

A one step verification may be a training update which you need to acknowledged that you have received and read.

Single step verification

Two step verification

A two-step verification is where your line manager/clinical educator will need to confirm that you have the requirements required.

Authorising a verification

This video is for line managers and clinical educators if you receive a request to authorise a verification.

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