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Exit interview

Exit interviews are face to face meetings, held virtually or in person, between a member of staff and their line manager.

The purpose of the exit interview is to:

  • fully understand the reason(s) why the member of staff resigned
  • gain feedback from the member of staff on their experiences within their role, department and the Trust
  • explore suggestions for change with the member of staff to help facilitate improvements at all levels

The exit interview differs from an exit questionnaire as it enables an open dialogue and exploration of feedback to take place between the manager and member of staff.

The date of the exit interview should be outlined in the resignation acknowledgment letter and take place before the member of staff leaves the Trust.

Managers conducting an exit interview must provide staff with the opportunity to raise their concerns and feedback in an open way. Open questions should be used to start the discussion with further questions to gain a full understanding of any issues raised.

Managers who need to conduct an exit interview should use the exit interview form as a guide.

The questions in the exit interview form are based on the "Appreciative Inquiry" approach and focus on the staff member's positive experiences that can help services to understand what could be improved, but also recognise and build on good practice.

It is important for managers to remember that the exit interview questions are to be used as a guide and alternative or additional questions can be included to tailor the exit interview to the member of staff.

Every exit interview should ensure that the member if staff is given the opportunity to raise and discuss factors that are important to them.

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