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Leavers checklist

The following checklist outlines the steps for managers to follow to ensure an effective transition process for the member of staff.

Step Action
Staff member verbally confirms their intention to resign or resignation letter received A meeting should be arranged with the member of staff to review and confirm their reason for leaving and discuss if a resolution can be found to retain the staff member.
Resignation acknowledgement If a resolution is unable to be identified a resignation acknowledgement letter should be sent within five working days of the meeting with the staff member. Please use the 'resignation acknowledgement letter template' when composing the letter.
HR forms A termination form will need to be completed on the Finance Tools system (either a HR3 or ESR3). Please ensure the correct reason for leaving is selected. Please ensure the correct reason for leaving is selected (see the 'reason for leaving' page for more information). If a member of staff has a UHB+ assignment, the leavers forms will need to indicate if this should be terminated or not.
IT systems and access An IT request must be completed to revoke access to IT systems and folders. If the member of staff has VPN access, this will need to be removed on the last working day.
Trust property Ensure all Trust equipment and property is returned including any uniforms or a laptop.
Handover A handover must be completed with the member of staff. The topics covered in the handover will differ depending on the individuals specific role.
Personal files Upon leaving, the individuals personal file should be moved to the relevant area within the department for storage.
References Please review and provide any reference information where requested.
Pension Contact the Pensions department and complete any necessary pension forms.
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