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Stage 1 poor performance meeting

Managers should open the meeting by outlining it is being held under the stage 1 – performance improvement procedure.


Members of staff should be advised that they may be accompanied by a trade union representative, colleague or friend who is not acting in a legal capacity.

If the member of staff is unaccompanied, managers should confirm that the staff member is happy for the meeting to continue.

Meeting purpose

Managers should explain the purpose of the meeting to the member of staff in a supportive and compassionate manner. The staff member should be informed that the meeting is to discuss ongoing concerns relating to their performance.

During the meeting

Managers should:

  1. outline the reasons for their concerns regarding the member of staff's performance and give specific examples of where the member of staff has failed to achieve specific tasks or targets
  2. ask for the member of staff’s perspective on the concerns and examples discussed
  3. outline the expected standards discussed for the specific tasks or targets
  4. discuss possible solutions and identify what support the member of staff may require in order to achieve the specific tasks or targets, including formal training courses, shadowing colleagues or mentoring
  5. advise the member of staff of the review period in which they will be required to achieve the tasks or targets detailed (typically six weeks but this is dependent upon availability of any identified training)

Staff should be advised that:

  • regular interim review meetings (usually weekly) will be held during a set period of time to provide feedback on their progress and to discuss and overcome obstacles they may be facing in achieving the standards expected of their role
  • the formal performance improvement plan will be issued following the meeting. It should be explained that the first performance improvement notice which will remain 'live' on the member of staff’s personal file for six months
  • if the performance improvement process has stopped and there is further decline in their performance during the six month improvement notice period, the process will recommence

Staff should be informed a further meeting will take place at the end of the formal review period to discuss their progress and conclude that they have either:

  • achieved the specified performance levels, or
  • a further six week review period is required, or
  • stage 2 final formal management is required
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