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Supporting performance improvement

Set up for success

It is important for managers to ensure members of staff are set up for success in any role they undertake.

Being set up for success will support staff to achieve and maintain effective job performance standards.

Ways to set up for success

  • Ensure a comprehensive and clear induction is given – don’t forget the obvious
  • Keep job descriptions and person specifications clear and up-to-date
  • Confirm the expected standards of work with the member of staff on arrival
  • Ensure workload is manageable and appropriate resources are available
  • Regular performance reviews:
    • Keep communication open to support staff members that need supporting
    • Make sure the member of staff knows where to seek help
  • Agree training and development plans to ensure their knowledge remains current and allow for future progression

Poor performance

Follow the steps below if a member of staff starts to display poor performance.

Have a conversation

  • Talk to the member of staff as soon as you notice a decline in their performance – waiting will only compound the problem
  • Check the member of staff's wellbeing
  • Ask if they need support in any areas to help identify if the member of staff is aware of their current performance standard
  • Review the job plan and duties of the role, exploring the areas requiring improvement

Create a plan

  • Include relevant training opportunities or coaching/mentoring
  • Provide closer supervision by a more experienced member of staff
  • Consider including a change to working practices (e.g. moving from night to day shifts)
  • Where appropriate complete Occupational Health referral or signpost to staff support/access to work
  • If necessary, practice restrictions while support, training and development is undertaken

Remember to consider any reasonable adjustments relevant to a disability where it is impacting on the member of staff’s ability to perform in their role.

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