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Tips for managing flexible working applications

  • Acknowledge the flexible working request and arrange to meet with the member of staff within 14 days of receipt of the request
  • Before meeting with the member of staff, think about the request and potential benefits/impact of the proposed way of working and think creatively to try to accommodate requests. Don’t make presumptions about the request before speaking to the member of staff
  • During the meeting, discuss the application practically with the member of staff and discuss other options or compromises if this is appropriate
  • Before making a decision, consider the impact the decision may have on the member of staff if you turn down the request. The member of staff has the right to appeal the outcome and you will be required to provide rationale for your decision
  • You may need more than one meeting to discuss the request, particularly if you are asking the member of staff to consider a compromise
  • A flexible working application agreement should not mean more work for other members of staff so consider if the work can be completed within the pattern of the request
  • Consider each request on its merits and the mutual benefit to the department and member of staff
  • Consider a trial period if you are unsure whether a particular arrangement will work
  • An application can only be refused on the following grounds:
    • Detrimental effect on the Trust’s ability to meet patient/service demand
    • Inability to reorganise work within available staffing
    • Inability to recruit additional staff
    • Detrimental impact on quality
    • Detrimental impact on performance
    • Burden of additional cost to the Trust
    • Insufficient work during the period the member of staff wishes to work
    • Planned structural changes to the service/department
  • Ensure that once a decision is reached, the outcome is put in writing to the member of staff and a copy is kept on their personal file
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