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Care given 25 years ago inspires new midwife Elise’s career

Published on 04/01/2022

Elise and Maggie at Good Hope Hospital's new Midwifery Led Maternity Unit
Elise and Maggie at Good Hope Hospital's new Midwifery Led Maternity Unit

Midwives can care for hundreds, if not thousands of mothers and babies during their careers, but not many expect to call one of those babies a colleague 25 years later.

This is what happened to Maggie, Midwifery Matron at Good Hope Hospital, when she met a new midwife last year. Little did she know that in 1996 she had made such an impression on one of her patients that she would encourage her daughter that she was pregnant with, to become a midwife too.

Mum-to-be Hilary was under close watch of the maternity team at Good Hope Hospital because it had been discovered that her baby had stopped growing and there was a reduction in amniotic fluid around the baby, making the pregnancy very high risk.

For several weeks she would meet Maggie in the antenatal clinic while she was attending regularly for appointments and scans. It was there that they struck up a rapport that would be remembered. In March 1996 baby Elise was born safely weighing 5lb 1oz – but Hilary never forgot the care and kindness shown to her by Maggie. She would often remind Elise of the midwife who helped ‘save her’ as she was growing up.

Elise, much to her mum's delight and pride, began training to be a midwife in 2014. After she qualified, she worked in Coventry, before landing her dream job working at Good Hope's new Midwifery Led Unit.

Elise said: “When I was offered the interview I showed my mum the letter and straight away she said ‘that’s Maggie that looked after me’. I couldn’t believe it! She had always talked about the midwife who had shown her such kindness and compassion but never in a million years did I think that I would one day end up meeting her. You could say that the stories of Maggie inspired me to think about being a midwife because I always heard such good stories about her. I am so thrilled to be part of her team now and hope that I can make as much an impact on my patients as Maggie did on my mum.”

Maggie said: “As a midwife it is always lovely to meet the mums and the babies you cared for but to meet one of those babies 25 years later and call her a colleague, is just wonderful. I am delighted to think that the care I gave Hilary all those years ago has stayed with her and goes to show the lasting impression our care makes. Elise is an excellent midwife. I am sure that she will be already be remembered for the care she has given to others.

If you are interested in joining the Good Hope midwifery team visit the NHS Jobs website:

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