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Major milestone for apprenticeships at UHB

Published on 24/06/2024

Apprentices Cheryl Adams, Cynthia Pearse and Michelle Price at a recent graduation ceremony
Apprentices Cheryl Adams, Cynthia Pearse and Michelle Price at a recent graduation ceremony

The Trust is celebrating after it reached a milestone 1,000 staff actively undertaking an apprenticeship to develop their careers in both clinical and non-clinical areas across 43 different standards. 

Over 600 staff are currently taking the Trainee Nurse Associate qualification while other popular apprenticeships include Registered Nurse, Advanced Clinical Practitioner, Senior Leaders Master’s, Pharmacy Technician and Healthcare Science Practitioner.  

Apprenticeships provide a supported route into the organisation for new employees while allowing existing staff to develop their skills within their current role with all education costs provided through the apprenticeship levy.  

Many staff have taken multiple apprenticeships as they have progressed their career as the award demonstrates both their knowledge and skills. The programme also contributes to assisting with staff retention as managers can utilise this scheme to develop their teams to meet the requirements of their service. 

562 staff have completed an apprenticeship since 2017 and this development opportunity is a major focus of the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan that was released in June 2023. 

For more information regarding apprenticeships please get in touch.

Some of our apprentices enjoyed a graduation ceremony at Heartlands Hospital in February 2024. Here is what some of our current apprentices had to say about their experience: 
Jessica Stanton, Medical Records Manager, said: “I have recently completed the Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship, achieving a first-class BA (Hons) in Management Practice. Completing the course whilst working within the organisation offered numerous benefits. It allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge to real-life situations within my area, enabling a seamless integration of academic learning and practical experience. I believe completing the course has enhanced my leadership skills, strategic thinking, and problem-solving abilities. It has also highlighted the importance of reflection and critical thinking for on-going growth and development. It provided me with networking opportunities and enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of the wider organisation. I am truly grateful for the opportunity and hope that I can use my learning to contribute to the future success of UHB within a strategic management role.  

Lisa Wilson, Office Manager – Oncology, said: “My experience of a Management Apprenticeship has been brilliant, and it's exceeded what I thought it would be. When I started, it was very hard to juggle with work my commitments, but you are a provided with total 6 hours study time a week.  

It's equipped with me with lots of useful tools and information along with giving me confidence to enable me to be an Office manager which is where I want to be. The apprenticeship has helped me to develop within my driving role because it's equipped me with different management tools. I've learned all about policies and the structure of the NHS. There's a time management tool to help if you're very busy within your role. I would say to anybody about thinking about taking an apprenticeship that it's a great way within the NHS to progress with your career.” 

Amie Lomas, Senior Respiratory Physiologist, said: The Healthcare Science Practitioner Apprenticeship for me was the only way I could get the qualifications as due to my circumstances, as initially I was unable to do that as I bought a house early in life, so I needed a steady income to pay the mortgage. For myself, having an apprenticeship means that I could still work and get paid but get the qualification as well. It helped to catapult me into my position as now I am a fully qualified Senior Physiologist.  

It went from me being stuck in a non-qualified position for 10 years to giving me that level of experience to do an equivalence within my role that allowed me to get a degree having finished my healthcare diploma. The apprenticeship itself and the core modules really went well with the actual role. I liked the apprenticeship as it was done remotely, and it built on those areas where I needed further experience in. An apprenticeship is definitely the way to go. For myself, it wasn’t an option to go down the College/University route funds wise, but this route was funded through work, and it predominantly meant that I could stay within job to do it. It was really good for me so I can highly recommend it. 

Charna O’Neill, Associate Cardiac Physiologist, said: “I have enjoyed doing the Healthcare Science Assistant apprenticeship and I love that I get to do it within work time, so I am learning as I am working. It has helped to progress my career as I have been promoted to a Healthcare Science Associate and I have done another two years studying following on from that. That has put my career in motion to progress to the next level after I finish this one as my future goal is to be a Cardiac Physiologist. The apprenticeship programme is a really good opportunity for anyone who wants to get involved in Healthcare Science and it gives you all the tools to further your career. 

Sheridan Rutter, Administrator Coordinator, said:I found the Business Administration Apprenticeship very knowledgeable, and the tutors were very helpful. It has helped me to go up to a Band 3 and I have a new role as an Administrator Coordinator, so it has helped me with progression. The apprenticeship made me more aware of the policies and procedures. I would recommend the Business Administration Apprenticeship programme; it is very time-consuming but I would recommend it to anybody. 

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