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Date: 21 February 2019

Time: 19:33

Carriage of instruments

Delivery by courier

Please schedule a date with instrument calibration staff before dispatching any instruments.

The delivery address is:

63 Melchett Road
Kings Norton Business Centre
Birmingham, B30 3HP

Transit from RRPPS

Carriage of instruments from RRPPS back to customers can be arranged.

The cost of carriage depends upon weight, but a medium size case - not containing any radioactive check source - will be in the region of £25.

Any transport of radioactive material needs to comply with current Radioactive Material (Road Transport) Regulations.

Please contact Tracie Such for advice.


Turnaround time

A ten day turnaround is offered, although instruments can usually be calibrated quicker in urgent cases (there may be an extra charge for this service).

For further information, please contact:

  • General enquiries: Tracie Such
  • Technical enquiries: Joanne Johnson, John Lewis

63 Melchett Road
Kings Norton Business Centre
B30 3HP
Telephone: 0121 371 7000