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Date: 28 March 2017

Time: 22:29

Work experience at QEHB
Work experience at QEHB
Work experience at QEHB
Work experience at QEHB

Work experience

Work experience at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham is open for applications until Friday 30 June 2017. For further information, please email and a member of the team will contact you.

Please note that we do not offer work experience in Midwifery or Paediatrics.

All placements are based within Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham only. We are unable to offer placements within other NHS organisations. Individuals seeking placements at other locations throughout the UK should obtain contact details from your local hospital or CCG website.

Gaining work experience prior to making a career choice can prove invaluable in shaping your long-term goals and future career prospects. With university courses and job vacancies now increasingly competitive, many tutors and employers alike are seeking candidates with relevant work experience to strengthen their application.

Work experience placements at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB) offer a fantastic opportunity to gain an insight the numerous career opportunities within the NHS. Whether you’re still at school, contemplating a change of career or looking to gain experience prior to making a university application, our range of programmes aim to provide you with the experience you need.

We hope that after taking part in a UHB work experience programme you will regard the NHS as an attractive career option after completing your education.


At University Hospitals Birmingham we offer a wide variety of work experience opportunities, from one day specialised programmes to full two-week shadowing placements. To find out more about the variety of work experience programmes that we offer, please visit the "UHB work experience programmes" page (see below).

For details on how to apply for any of our programmes, please visit the "How to apply for work experience" page (see below).


“I thought as a parent the placement was well organised and provided a range of inputs to help her and her fellow students find out more. We have certainly been discussing in my Trust why we don't do the same. Well done.”
“Before completing work experience I had no idea what I wanted to take up as a future career. My passion for nursing as a career was sparked when I met the nurses on the ward who were kind, caring and compassionate. This made me realise how selfless and rewarding nursing is as a career. I loved the patient contact I had during my placement. I found myself building therapeutic relationships within a short period of time, which made me realise nursing was the right career for me.”
“Since the experience I have joined medical school and am training to be a doctor- in the near future! I would love to return and do some more work experience at the QE - it was great the first time!”

Age criteria

Consideration of the age of the student (under seventeen years of age) we are legally restricted from offering most area shadowing placements. We are also unable to offer placements within Theatre areas, Burns & plastics, Laboratories and Accident & Emergency departments to anyone less than eighteen years of age. Students may attend some outpatient areas to shadow clinics for ages as low as 16 years.

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