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Date: 5 April 2020

Time: 11:28

Clinical Skills Suite

The Clinical Skills Suite at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (QEHB) has been purpose-built to provide dedicated support to training clinical staff in many of the complex and invasive techniques used in diagnosis and treatment. The skills training offered is designed to ensure that the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust’s (UHB) staff are competent, capable, safe and can assist in the development of new skills and competencies, as well as revalidation of existing skills and knowledge.

The Suite has been adapted to create a stimulating and flexible workspace, with access to a comprehensive range of models, manikins, medical consumables and diagnostic instruments. The Clinical Skills department owns several computerised patient simulators offering a high-fidelity simulation environment and debrief facility.

National standards underpin the content of all our clinical skills courses and these are reviewed and updated on a regular basis. Each training course in our portfolio follows a standardised approach. This provides the foundations for trainees to carry out clinical procedures safely and effectively and to demonstrate the understanding of the associated care required to meet patient needs. To ensure quality we engage clinical experts, educators and practice developers in the appraisal of course content and supporting materials.

Staff training and assessment structure

  •  Understanding of:
    • indications and contraindications
    • relevant anatomy and physiology
    • legal and professional issues
  • Preparation pre-procedure:
    • Operator preparation
    • Equipment selection
    • Patient identification and preparation
  • Technical ability:
    • Techniques of the procedure
    • Dexterity
    • Troubleshooting
  • Asepsis maintenance:
    • Hand hygiene
    • Aseptic non touch technique (ANTT)
    • Personal protective equipment
  • Post-procedure management:
    • Monitoring
    • Documentation
    • Patient education

If you would like to find out more about our facilities and skills training opportunities at the Trust please email the Clinical Skills team.


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