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Coronavirus staff guidance University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

Operational changes

Since Thursday 2 April 2020, wards and theatres across the Trust have been ordering controlled drugs for their clinical area using the electronic system which was implemented to address and pre-empt the challenges presented by COVID-19 on controlled drug ordering.

To address the recent controlled drug audit results and to ensure the highest standards of record-keeping as required by relevant medicines legislation, the Trust will revert back to the use of controlled drug order books with the exception of COVID-19 'hot' areas.

Nursing staff are advised to refer to Section 12: Ordering Controlled Drugs of the Trust Controlled Drug Procedure to familiarise themselves with the correct process of ordering via CD order books.

The exception to the above is that the electronic controlled drug ordering system will remain available for use by wards and clinical areas that are designated as COVID-19 'hot' areas. The system will restrict only these defined areas to order controlled drugs. The list of permitted wards will be updated as new cohorted areas are identified. Ward or department managers for such areas can contact one of the pharmacy governance leads to arrange to be added to the system:

Jennifer de Val (BHH, GHH, SH)


Haseeb Ahmed (QEHB)


For these areas, controlled drugs will need to be ordered by completing the electronic requisition form on the intranet (please note you must be using a Trust PC to access this):

It is also can be located at the following:

  • QEHB Intranet > Departments > Pharmacy > Controlled Drugs Requisition Form
  • HGS Intranet> ‘C’ in A to Z > Controlled Drugs Requisition Form

Ward managers are reminded that the requisition copy will need to signed upon receipt and retained for two years from the date that it was processed to comply with the Misuse of Drugs Regulations legislation and Trust Medicines and Controlled Drug Procedures.

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