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Coronavirus staff guidance University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

Key staff

Last updated: 28 October 2021 at 20:28

In our response to COVID-19, we have identified the following four site based Senior Responsible Clinicians (SRC’s), and site base Associate Directors of Nursing.

SiteSenior Responsible CliniciansAssociate Directors of Nursing
QEHB Dr Peter Hewins Jo Basketfield and Julie Tracey
Heartlands Hospital Dr Rifat Rashid Lucy Binns and Ann Edgar
Good Hope Hospital Dr Khaled Elfandi Lynn Fisher
Solihull Hospital Mr Charles Hendrickse Ann Edgar supported by Andrew Coughlin

They will lead the organisation and delivery of inpatient care, medical care outside of the ICU and initial assessment and triage.

We will need seven day a week consultant led review, early discharge, optimised care pathways including clear communication and documentation of any ceilings of care, as well as liaison with ICU colleagues for controlled escalation of treatment.

In order to support the anticipated scale of care delivery required, we will identify clinicians who are not currently involved in the provision of general medical care, whose usual activity will be curtailed during the COVID-19 outbreak. They will be asked to support the care of patients with COVID-19 in different ways by the SRC’s. Kevin Bolger is leading the organisation of this redeployment with support from Mr Richard Steyn.

This will also involve the provision of refresher training for clinical staff involved in supporting inpatient management. Prof Jamie Coleman and Dr Nandan Gautam will lead on the provision of education and training to medical staff, so that they can support the provision of care. They will be supported by the Education Directorate with leadership from Tim Jones and Louise Banks.

We will ensure that there is significant specialist support and clear lines of communication available for those who I understand will need to extend their practice significantly beyond that which they are used to. You will receive unalloyed support from the Trust in meeting demands that are unprecedented in our lifetime.

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