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Meet the team

Management staff

Caroline Miller, Clinical Academic Co-lead

Caroline MillerClinical Academic Co-lead

Caroline is a registered physiotherapist, with an extensive clinical background in rehabilitation following traumatic injury and musculoskeletal dysfunction. She has wide-ranging experience in teaching, [...]

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Dr Emma Sutton, Clinical Academic Co-lead

Dr Emma SuttonClinical Academic Co-lead

Dr Emma Sutton is a clinical-academic physiotherapist working in the United Kingdom.

Emma qualified as a physiotherapist in 2001 from the University of the West of England (UWE) Bristol. She [...]

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Nursing staff

Teresa Melody, Research Nurse

Teresa MelodyResearch Nurse

Teresa is a nurse researcher with an extensive background in clinical research delivery. She thrives to develop strategies which enable efficient and effective integration of trials into clinical practice, [...]

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Annie Topping, Professor of Nursing

Annie ToppingProfessor of Nursing

Annie is a registered nurse with a clinical background in cancer and surgical nursing. She has worked extensively in teaching and research for a number of years in the UK and recently Qatar.

Annie [...]

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Support staff

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Ackeelya DyceClinical Academic Careers Programmes Officer

Ackeelya is responsible for managing the clinical academic careers programmes. She supports the delivery of each work strain for the clinical academic careers non-medical clinicians on the programme. [...]

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Lisa MacDougall, Clinical Academic Careers Programmes Administrator

Lisa MacDougallClinical Academic Careers Programmes Administrator

Lisa is responsible for coordinating the team administration functions, and assisting the programme officer and team leads in achieving the programmes' objectives.

Training staff

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Bridget BellClinical Academic Training Programme Manager

Bridget is responsible for the management of the Integrated Clinical Academic Training (ICAT) programme for medical staff at the University of Birmingham.

As part of this role, she promotes clinical [...]

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