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Membership of the Young Persons Council

What does membership involve?

Members of the Young Persons Council attend YPC meetings. There are usually seven or eight of these each year. You may be asked to read documents or complete tasks between meetings.

Members of staff also attend the meetings to tell YPC members about some of the work taking place at the Trust.

Meetings are currently being held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Meetings previously took place at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.

Before coronavirus restrictions were introduced, YPC members had the opportunity to meet young patients on the wards, gain their feedback and to attend fact-finding events in the hospital. This included working with members of the public. We hope to be able to provide these opportunities again soon.

YPC members may also be consulted on projects and changes in the hospitals, and they receive some of the same training as UHB staff, including infection control and protecting patient data.

What will I get out of it?

  • You will have the opportunity to make a difference to issues that can affect young patients at our hospitals
  • You will learn new skills in public speaking, which can help to build your confidence levels
  • You will have the chance to meet new people and to work with others
  • You will have the opportunity to chair a YPC meeting, which can help to develop organisational and communication skills. These skills will be useful in employment and can be added to your CV
  • You will begin to learn how healthcare systems work, and understand the wide range of jobs and skills that it takes to run a large healthcare organisation

Last reviewed: 27 May 2021