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UHB referrals (advice and refer, formerly advice and guidance): new pilot update

UHB is testing a new approach to managing referrals and advice and guidance (A&G) in three selected specialties, using A&G as the single point of contact for all referral activity.

The new "advice and refer" (A&R) pathway enables consultants to review all of the information provided by the GP and respond with advice, request further information, arrange diagnostics, or book the patient straight into an outpatient clinic. (If GPs pre-authorise on e-RS at the time of the request, this will be done by UHB without the need to return the request to primary care.)

Under this A&R pathway, UHB aims to review and action all requests within 10 working days. This ensures that highest priority patients are booked in for appointments, and management advice is given to the GP promptly where appropriate. This is an improvement on the current "defer to provider" (e-RS direct booking) referral pathway whereby the GP does not have visibility on the status of the referral and may find it difficult to manage the patient in the meantime.

Dermatology, rheumatology and neurology services have now been switched over to A&R.

GPs wishing to refer a patient into these UHB services will need to do this through A&R, using A&G on e-RS, as we will be switching off the DBS function for these services.

While nationally this service is still known as A&G, we refer to A&R to aid clarity in its purpose.

UHB’s improvement and elective recovery team will be working closely with these services to monitor and ensure that responses are received by primary care within 10 working days of the request date.

Last reviewed: 08 February 2024