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Cancer referrals

GP referral forms for the Cancer Services department at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB) are available to download.

Two week wait

All suspected cancer two week wait services are available via the NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS).

To avoid any delays to patient care, please ensure the correct two week wait form and service is selected and sent via the e-RS. Referrals sent outside of the e-RS will not be accepted.

Please contact the e-RS team if you have any questions on the two week wait services available on e-RS.

Brain service

UHB do not offer a two week wait brain service. Patients will need a scan to access the service. GPs can request a scan by completing the brain cancer direct access to MRI referral form.

If there is no tumour following the scan a routine referral to the patient’s local neurology service should be completed.

If a scan has taken place within the last six weeks that shows a tumor or possible tumor, GPs will need to complete a neuro-oncology referral form. If the scan was not completed within the last six weeks a scan must be requested using the brain cancer direct access to MRI referral form.

Last reviewed: 29 November 2023