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Plain film referrals

All plain film referrals will be treated as routine apart from the urgent chest X-ray (DXCT) pathway.

A booking system is in operation and all valid X-ray requests are given appointments depending on their urgency.

Demand for this service remains high but capacity has been increased in the short term to include weekends which has been popular with patients.

There is a walk-in service but this is only available at Washwood Heath Community Diagnostic Centre and is reserved exclusively for patients on the urgent CXR (DXCT) direct access pathway.

Please notify patients that they may be imaged on any of the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust sites depending on urgency and availability.

Referral criteria for plain film radiography for primary care is available in the 'downloads' section.

Routine imaging referrals

The new routine imaging request form is now available. Any other request form versions will no longer be accepted.

The routine imaging referral form can be used for any:

  • plain film examination not covered in a direct access pathway
  • CT imaging examination recommended by advice and guidance
  • CT imaging examination recommended as a follow on from previous imaging and recommended in the report
  • ultrasound examination not covered by a direct access pathway and adhering to the UHB ultrasound good practice principles

The following are not acceptable routine imaging referrals:

  • Urgent chest X-rays with a suspicion of malignancy (Use DXCT pathway)
  • Anything covered by a direct access pathway:
    • Brain imaging
    • Urgent pelvic US scan (ovarian pre-menopausal)
    • US renal
    • CT TAP (thorax abdomen pelvis) weight loss
    • CT KUB renal colic
    • Urgent chest X-ray

    Urgent chest X-ray (DXCT) direct access pathway

    Patients with symptoms of possible intrathoracic malignancy that meet the urgent chest X-ray (CXR) referral criteria, or if a CXR is needed for the non-specific symptom pathway referral, please complete the urgent chest X-ray referral form.

    For other indications, please use the routine imaging referral form. Please see the Chest X-ray pathway for further guidance.

    When making a CXR referral to UHB, please provide the patient with a link to the important information on the CXR referrals from your GP webpage.

    If the CXR findings from the urgent or routine referral are concerning for a possible malignancy, the patient will be entered onto the UHB DXCT pathway.

    The UHB DXCT pathway automatically recalls patients for an urgent CT chest (+/- abdomen) scan (arranged by the UHB Imaging department) after an abnormal CXR that has raised concern of a possible malignancy.

    After a patient’s CT has been reported, all DXCT pathway patients are discussed at the Respiratory Triage Clinic. A letter outlining these details will be sent to the patient’s GP. Please see the DXCT pathway for more information.

    Accessibility notice

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    Referral forms

    Only print and manually complete a referral form if you do not have access to an electronic version on your practice management system.

    Please note that any forms completed by hand must contain the wet signature of the GP referring the patient otherwise it will be rejected.

    Last reviewed: 13 November 2023