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Annual leave for leavers

Annual leave entitlement for staff leaving the Trust needs to be calculated pro-rata for the annual leave year (1 April) up to and including the leave date.

Please visit the annual leave section to workout a member of staff's annual leave entitlement.

Annual leave owed to the employee

Members of staff should take all annual leave owed prior to the last day of employment. If this is not possible, any owed annual leave will be paid to the member of staff on termination of their contract.

Managers need to detail any annual leave pay in the ESR3/HR3 forms.

Annual leave owed to the Trust

Staff members that have overtaken their leave entitlement (pro-rata to date of leaving) will owe these hours.

Any owed hours will be deducted from the member of staff's final salary. The owed amount should be detailed in the ESR3/HR3 form and outlined to the member of staff in their acknowledgment letter.

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