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Leaver questionnaire and exit interview FAQs

Will I receive a response to the feedback submitted in the leaver questionnaire?

As the questionnaire is for general feedback, specific responses to individuals will not be provided. Staff wishing to provide more specific feedback can do so during the exit interview.

How will the information I provide in the leaver questionnaire be used?

Leaver questionnaire data is collated centrally within the HR Workforce directorate and reported back to divisions on a monthly basis. The data is also included in the annual workforce report.

Responses are analysed to identify patterns or trends and to make recommendations on what interventions or practices the Trust should focus on to help improve staff experience.

All responses are confidential and no identifiable information will be detailed in any reports produced.

How will the information I provide in the exit interview be used?

An overview of the exit interview discussions should be submitted to the HR Advisory Service via the form.

The feedback collated from responses can help departments to make changes and improvements.

Confidential information will be viewed within the HR Advisory Service to allow general themes to be identified and reviewed. This will help to provide recommendations and changes that the Trust should focus on making.

Can an exit interview be declined?

Exit interview participation is voluntary but it is recommended that managers encourage staff to take part in the interview.

If a staff member is concerned about participating in an exit interview, managers should meet with the member of staff to discuss their concerns, review if the concerns can be overcome and encourage participation.

Members of staff that decline an exit interview must be encouraged by their manager to complete the leaver questionnaire.

What happens if a complaint is raised during the exit interview?

If a member of staff raises a complaint during an exit interview the manager should discuss how they would like the complaint to be resolved.

For further support and guidance contact the HR Advisory Service.

Is an exit interview required if the staff member is moving to another UHB department?

Yes, the exit interview is still needed as the feedback is always relevant and useful.

Is training on how to conduct an exit interview available?

Online training on how to carry out an exit interview is currently being developed and will be available on Moodle once complete.

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