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Re-banding and job description FAQs

What happens if a member of staff wants their job description re-banded?

Members of staff should raise job description re-banding with their manager and provide any evidence to consider the re-banding. Managers should review the job description and new evidence with the member of staff.

If a manager feels the member of staff's duties have changed they will need to complete a JE1 form that can be found in the job evaluation procedure and email the request.


To support the uplift there will need to be sign-off from a divisional finance manager and managing director.

What happens if the Trust proposes to re-band a role?

If the Trust proposes that a role should be re-banded a full consultation meeting must take place in accordance with the transitional organisational and workforce change procedure.

What support will the Trust provide if re-banding a role results in a salary reduction?

If a member of staff's band is downgraded as part of an organisational change, they will be entitled to pay protection for two years.

The pay protection period will end after two years or when the member of staff changes job voluntarily or leaves the Trust.

At the end of the pay protection period the member of staff will be put on the top pay point of the lower pay band.

More information is available in the pay protection procedure.

What happens if a member of staff disagrees with re-banding following the job evaluation process?

If a member of staff disagrees with the re-evaluation of their job outcome they are entitled to appeal the decision. Appeals will be reviewed by the Job Evaluation Appeal Panel who will consider the whole post and not individual factor scores.

Appeals must be lodged using the JE2 appeal form, located in the job evaluation procedure, and submitted by email within 14 calendar days of the post holder receiving written confirmation of the job re-evaluation outcome.


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