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What to include in a flexible working request

When completing a flexible working request form, please consider the following:

  • What changes are you seeking and how will they be accommodated?
  • If willing, provide reasons why you are seeking these changes. Also include any additional information you want to provide or that will help your line manager with the decision making process
  • What are you willing to compromise if your initial request cannot be fully accommodated? What are your 'hard no' elements and what can you be flexible with?
  • Could you start with a trial period?
  • Be clear about what flexibility you have regarding the request (e.g. can you be flexible in order to attend key meetings?)
  • How will your colleagues manage if your work pattern changes? If you have any colleagues or friends who are already working flexibly, you could ask them about their experiences
  • What effect will changing your work pattern have on your job?
  • Include how your plans will not impact the department's work and how any potential problems your plans may present to your department could be overcome. For example, it may mean that you will not be in work when your department opens each morning. What effect will this have on the department and how could it be managed?


Flexible working will only be effective if the chosen flexible working pattern matches the requirements of the role and responsibilities.

To explore what flexible working options are suitable for you, please see the flexible working options page.

Top tip: submit your flexible working request as far in advance of your proposed new work arrangement start date as possible. This will ensure your line manager has time to consider your request.  

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