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Homeworking benefits

Homeworking is one of a number of flexible working practices available to staff. Homeworking has many benefits for both the Trust and for staff.

Benefits for staff

  • Provides greater flexibility in working times and patterns to accommodate combining work and domestic arrangements
  • Increased productivity through reduction in distractions and increased autonomy over work
  • Improved well-being helping to increase motivation
  • Reduction in commuting time and costs, supporting environmental considerations
  • Improved working environment through being able to choose layout, lighting and temperature to suit individual preferences

Benefits for managers

  • Broadens the traditional recruitment market to applicants who are more geographically remote, or who prefer to work from home
  • Meets the Trust’s commitment to equal opportunities and inclusion (e.g. supporting an individual with a disability or enabling parents to return to work)
  • Retention of staff who might otherwise leave for work/life balance quality reasons
  • Increased productivity due to fewer interruptions, allowing for more focused work
  • Reduced energy consumption and pollution from unnecessary car journeys, and reduced congestion on Trust sites
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