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Managers homeworking survey response

You said, we did

You said: you wanted training on how to lead staff remotely.

We did: a webinar on leading remotely. We have also developed an introductory guide to Managing homeworkers.

You said: one of the biggest challenges was the reduction in spontaneous communication with teams.

We did: we have developed guidance on key communication practices and alternative communication approaches when communicating virtually: Managing homeworkers.

You said: that health and wellbeing was more difficult to manage with homeworkers.

We did: we have developed guidance on how to support the wellbeing of homeworkers. This includes guidance on what to look out for, as well as management practices to improve wellbeing: Mental health and well-being support.

You said: you reported a decrease in 'team working'.

We did: we have developed guidance on holding virtual team meetings: Online team meetings.

You said: you reported that you would want to continue supporting homeworking after the pandemic.

We did: we have committed to proactively support homeworking as a flexible working practice across the Trust.

Future ‘we will dos’

  • Continue to develop the homeworking section of the HR website for access to training, guidance and supporting documentation for homeworking
  • Continue to communicate and ask for feedback on homeworking across the Trust, adapting practices and providing support where needed
  • Update the current homeworking procedure to reflect the findings and feedback from the survey
  • Roll out further training on managing homeworkers and share examples and experiences from other managers across the Trust

What next?

We are keen to work with colleagues to continue to make homeworking as effective and comfortable as possible. If you are interested in joining a focus group that will help the Trust with ideas on how to improve homeworking, please contact Emily Leach, HR Manager.


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