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Leavers process

If a member of staff decides to leave the Trust, their manager is responsible for arranging a meeting with them.

The aim of the meeting is to understand why the member of staff is looking to leave and if any action can be taken locally or wider to retain them.

The meeting is critical to retain staff and ensure their key skills and experiences are not lost.

Steps to follow

Step 1: resignation submitted

Member of staff submits their resignation in writing to their manager

Step 2: meet with employee

Manager meets with the member of staff to discuss their reasons for leaving to see if they can be retained

Step 3a: employee retained

The meeting was a success and the member of staff is retained. No further action is needed

Step 3b: employee resigns

The meeting was unsuccessful. The manager acknowledges resignation in writing using the template letter within five working days of the meeting. Refer to the 'leavers checklist' to ensure all other actions are completed

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