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Anxiety, depression and work related stress

There are many wellbeing initiatives the Trust provides to support staff with their wellbeing:

Understanding the reasons and causes to anxiety, depression or work related stress can be achieved through compassionate discussions with staff. Communication is key and in order to achieve productive conversations, line managers should ensure that they create a safe, confidential and compassionate environment to encourage these discussions to take place.

Line managers should encourage staff to access the confidential staff support service This is a self-referral service and can be accessed by email.


If the causes to their wellbeing are due to workplace issues, conduct a stress risk assessment.

Line managers should discuss with their member of staff what adjustments they require in the workplace. This could be to support attendance at work or to facilitate a return to work, following a long period of absence.

For those who require additional support to return or remain at work there is a specialist mental health service provided by Remploy which is a self referral service.

Tel: 0300 456 8114

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