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Business Disability Forum (BDF)

The Trust has joined the Business Disability Forum (BDF) that provides a wealth of information, advice and support for managers to ensure staff with disabilities or underlying health conditions are supported in the workplace.

BDF provides managers and staff with access to their knowledge hub, providing toolkits, factsheets, case studies, videos and webinars to ensure that we are a disability-smart organisation.

To access the knowledge hub staff just need visit the site and sign up using their work email address.

In addition, BDF provides a leading business advisory service for managers. The advisory service is confidential for managers to access and is led by a team of expert consultants. It is designed to help answer queries around:

  • reasonable adjustments
  • advice on case management
  • implementing inclusive and accessible service-design
  • current best practice
  • research

Tel: 0207 403 3020

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