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Right to work

The following outlines the roles and responsibilities of the Recruitment team, managers, members of staff and the Employment Compliance team when ascertaining an employees right to work in the UK.

Recruitment team

Throughout the recruitment process, a candidates right to work in the UK is checked and verified by the Recruitment team with copies of the relevant documents saved on file.

If a candidate requires sponsorship to work in the UK, this process will also be managed by the Recruitment team.


The Recruitment team monitor visa expiry dates as part of the employment compliance process. However, it is important for managers to understand that their member of staff has a limited time status and they are aware of when this is due to end.

Managers of employees with Skilled Worker visas (i.e. the member of staff is sponsored by the Trust) are required to report the following to Employment Compliance withing 10 working days:

  • Changes in hours
  • Changes in salary
  • Moving to a different job role
  • Unauthorised absence from work

Managers will receive further guidance on Skilled Worker visas from the Recruitment team once the member of staff starts their post.

In all instances, managers must notify Employment Compliance as soon as they become aware of any immigration status changes that affect their employee.

Staff member

Having a valid right to work in the UK remains the responsibility of the member of staff.

The member of staff must notify their manager and/or Employment Compliance as soon as any changes to their immigration status occur.

Employment Compliance team

The visa expiry date of staff with time limited immigration status will be monitored once they start their post.

Employment Compliance will contact the member of staff two months prior to their visa expiry date for an update on their plans to renew the visa status. This will be monitored by Employment Compliance until a new visa is issued.

If the member of staff requires an extension to their sponsorship (Skilled Worker visa) the extension process will be managed by Employment Compliance.

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