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For vacancies posted on or after 21 January 2022, please use the Trust's new recruitment portal. Guidance is available on the Trust intranet (the following link is only accessible when logged into the UHB IT network).

For vacancies posted before this date, please follow the guidance below on shortlisting using NHS Jobs.

Shortlisting on NHS jobs

Shortlisitng candidates on the NHS Jobs website is a two stage process:

  1. Review applications and submit recommendations
  2. Finalise shortlist

Review applications and submit recommendations

  • Login in to NHS Jobs
  • Click on Mytasks (left hand side of screen)
  • Find vacancy
  • Click on Review Applications (… items)

This takes you to Review Application page (grey arrow points to second white box on left)

  • Click application form number (e.g. AR-XXX-XXX-XX)
  • Review the application form
  • Make Recommendation (use top right drop down to choose Shortlist, Reject or Reserve)
  • Click Submit (green button below Recommendation)
  • Click on Next application (green button – moves onto next application)

Take into account Positive about Disability – 2 Tick candidates. If in doubt, please speak to the Resourcing Advisor.

Finalise shortlist

Once all application forms have been reviewed:

  • Click on Finalise Shortlist (white box on left hand side under Review Application tab)
  • If you cannot see this box:
    • Click on Vacancies (left hand side – this will show the list of your vacancies)
    • Click on Applications: XX on the vacancy
    • Three white boxes will appear under the Vacancies tab (left hand side)
    • Click on Finalise Shortlist (bottom of three white boxes)
  • Select Recommendation from the drop down (right hand side of screen under Sort By)
  • Click View

Candidates you recommended to shortlist will now appear at the top of the list.

  • Tick the boxes for all of the candidates to be shortlisted (they will have a one next to the green tick)
  • Press Group Actions

You can still go back and change your decision at this point if you require.

  • Select Add to Shortlist
  • Press Action
  • Tick the box for all the rejected candidates (they will have a one next to the red cross)

You can only do one page at a time. If lots of candidates are rejected – work backwards from the last page – this allows you Select all to tick whole page at a time if they all require the same action.

  • Press Group Actions
  • Select Reject
  • Press Action

All Applications should now either say Shortlisted or Rejection pending but not In Review.

  • Click Shortlisting complete (top right hand corner of screen)
  • Final action, click Shortlisting complete
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