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Redeployment facts for staff

What help is available from my department and HR?

Responsibility for redeployment rests with your department, on whose establishment and budget you will remain while the search for redeployment takes place.

You will be supported in this search by a Human Resources representative. It is their responsibility to tell you how redeployment operates and will advise you on:

  • The timescales involved
  • Any job opportunities that exist within your own department
  • The process for applying for jobs
  • Your pay and allowances (including any protection arrangements if applicable)
  • Opportunities for job search and interview training

If your department cannot find you alternative employment, your HR representative will see all jobs in advance of publication and will look to match you to a role based on your skills, experience and knowledge.

You will need to complete a redeployee registration form. Your HR representative will help you, if you wish.

Please ensure you complete the registration form as fully as possible as this information will form the basic criteria for matching you against other jobs and will be used instead of an application form when you apply for a post.

Your HR representative will also help you to identify skills which you have for other jobs and the type of employment opportunities you could consider.

Please remember:

  • HR cannot create jobs but are reliant on funded vacancies from departments, informed via the Recruitment team
  • Your HR representative will contact you if they identify a vacancy for you
  • Your own department will be active in helping you to find alternative work

How do I get a job in another department?

There are three stages:

  1. Identification of a possible job match
  2. Consideration of suitability for a job
  3. A selection process where applicable

Where your skills and experience match the majority of the requirements of the person specification, and the job is on the same band, the HR representative will arrange for you to have priority consideration.

This means:

  • The job will be ring fenced to you, or to you and a group of redeployees if they also match the job requirements
  • Your registration form will provide the basis for any job matching, but you can also supply additional details in support of your skills, experience and qualifications to the HR representative

You are entitled to a four week trial period if you are successful in obtaining a new job. This will give you an opportunity to decide whether the job is suitable, and whether you are suitable for the job, without losing your right to a redundancy payment if that is applicable to you. This can be extended by joint agreement in certain circumstances.

What can I do to help myself get another job?

Your chances of obtaining another job can be increased significantly by entering the process positively and proactively.

You can assist yourself by:

  • Looking closely at all advertised vacancies and regularly reviewing the NHS Jobs website for suitable vacancies across the Trust
  • Being flexible over the job opportunities you consider
  • Thinking broadly about the skills and abilities which you have and the type of jobs which you could consider
  • Discussing any possible opportunities with your HR representative at the earliest opportunity
  • Looking at opportunities such as secondments and shadowing to update your work experience
  • Keeping your HR representative updated on any changes to your skill profile
  • Taking time to present your skills and experience in detail on the redeployment registration form
  • Preparing thoroughly for any informal meetings or interviews you may have
  • Informing your HR representative of any additional support you may require

The Trust will make every effort to find you alternative employment at a similar salary, level of responsibility and position. As the Trust cannot guarantee that it will be able to find you alternative work, it is important that you consider every available opportunity very carefully and do not unreasonably dismiss potential opportunities.

Where there are difficulties in finding you alternative employment it may be in your best interests to look at job opportunities which are paid at a lower level. If you are in a redundancy situation and you unreasonably refuse suitable alternative employment and your employment is terminated, the Trust will refuse a redundancy payment.

There is no guarantee that any appropriate vacancies will arise during the period of your redeployment and it is only possible to consider you for established vacancies with funding approval.

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