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Shortlisting on NHS Jobs

Shortlisitng candidates on the NHS Jobs website is a two stage process:

  1. Review applications and submit recommendations
  2. Finalise shortlist

Review applications and submit recommendations

  • Login in to NHS Jobs
  • Click on Mytasks (left hand side of screen)
  • Find vacancy
  • Click on Review Applications (… items)

This takes you to Review Application page (grey arrow points to second white box on left)

  • Click application form number (e.g. AR-XXX-XXX-XX)
  • Review the application form
  • Make Recommendation (use top right drop down to choose Shortlist, Reject or Reserve)
  • Click Submit (green button below Recommendation)
  • Click on Next application (green button – moves onto next application)

Take into account Positive about Disability – 2 Tick candidates. If in doubt, please speak to the Resourcing Advisor.

Finalise shortlist

Once all application forms have been reviewed:

  • Click on Finalise Shortlist (white box on left hand side under Review Application tab)
  • If you cannot see this box:
    • Click on Vacancies (left hand side – this will show the list of your vacancies)
    • Click on Applications: XX on the vacancy
    • Three white boxes will appear under the Vacancies tab (left hand side)
    • Click on Finalise Shortlist (bottom of three white boxes)
  • Select Recommendation from the drop down (right hand side of screen under Sort By)
  • Click View

Candidates you recommended to shortlist will now appear at the top of the list.

  • Tick the boxes for all of the candidates to be shortlisted (they will have a one next to the green tick)
  • Press Group Actions

You can still go back and change your decision at this point if you require.

  • Select Add to Shortlist
  • Press Action
  • Tick the box for all the rejected candidates (they will have a one next to the red cross)

You can only do one page at a time. If lots of candidates are rejected – work backwards from the last page – this allows you Select all to tick whole page at a time if they all require the same action.

  • Press Group Actions
  • Select Reject
  • Press Action

All Applications should now either say Shortlisted or Rejection pending but not In Review.

  • Click Shortlisting complete (top right hand corner of screen)
  • Final action, click Shortlisting complete
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