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Talent Management Framework: review and evaluation

Following completion of an individual's development plans, it's vital that discussions are held regularly and that plans are reviewed and updated frequently. This helps to ensure actions are implemented and captures amendments following unforeseen changes, e.g.:

  • unexpected resignation from an individual identified as a successor
  • changes in Individual circumstances or career aspirations

Reviews and updates should happen organically following one-to-one meetings and discussions relating to objectives. Regular reviews also help to mitigate risk associated with any potential changes.

Disputes process

Where an individual disagrees with the outcome of a talent management assessment, they should first discuss this with their line manager. The conversation should focus on understanding why they disagree, and whether there is evidence or information that would result in a change of position. Where a resolution is reached, updates should be made to the documentation and process concluded.

Where an agreement cannot be reached between the individual and their line manager, the issue should be escalated to a more senior manager within the department or division. 

If agreement still can't be reached, the individual has the option of progressing the matter further. The individual should email with details of why they disagree with the outcome of the assessment, submitting any information/evidence that they wish to be considered. 

A review will be undertaken by an independent panel. The review board will consider all the written evidence and, where necessary, seek clarity or comments from the manager or individual. Following a review, they will confirm an outcome based on the evidence. This decision will be final.


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