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Understanding and managing organisational and workforce change

The following principles are a guide for anyone leading change or managing staff who are affected by organisational or workforce change.

Understand the benefits and risk

Ask yourself:

  • What are the benefits to patients and staff?
  • What are the financial and staffing implications?
  • Who or what may be affected by the proposed changes, either directly or indirectly?
  • What other options have you considered? What were the options and what was the outcome?

Communication and staff engagement

  • Begin communications as early as possible by using multimedia tools and circulating information through existing channels such as dedicated briefings, existing staff meetings/engagement sessions
  • Listen to, and make space to consider feedback, whether positive or negative, make sure communication is two-way
  • Keep communications clear, consistent and well timed and encourage informal and formal dialogue
  • Anticipate questions and pre-plan your responses
  • Provide leadership and clarity on the direction of the change
  • Ensure HR and Staffside are aware of the change before staff communication takes place

Additional considerations

  • Are there any equality and diversity implications?
  • Be mindful of colleagues health and wellbeing
  • Consider alternative approaches
  • Make room for flexibility

Who to contact

Workforce Transformation

Workforce Transformation provide specialist advice and support for change. This includes legal compliance and development of engagement and communication plans for the proposed changes.


Organisational Development

Organisational Development support tailored solutions for managers and colleagues impacted by change including training, coaching and support with team integration.



Staffside need to be made aware of any potential changes that could impact staff at UHB.

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