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Why we should say 'Yes!' to flexible working

Benefits for staff

  • Improved choice and control at work, helping to improve health and wellbeing
  • Improved work-life balance by being able to attend to care or health needs while continuing to work
  • Flexibility for life’s emergencies
  • Flexibility for life’s interests and commitments – engage in activities outside of work
  • Improved job satisfaction
  • Increased productivity through choice over when and/or where work

Benefits for the Trust

  • Improve recruitment through attracting a wider and more diverse pool of talent to UHB
  • Improved health and wellbeing of staff, through reduction of work/life conflict
  • Support and retain a more diverse workforce, enabling carers, staff with a long term health condition, or childcare responsibilities to not only stay within the workforce but also progress
  • Help to tackle the gender pay gap
  • Improved service provision, through potential of extended cover for the service and ability to be agile to peaks and troughs in demand
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