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Adoption leave definitions

Primary adopter

The primary carer eligible for adoption leave and pay.

Secondary adopter

The adopter’s partner or the other parent in a couple adopting. They will be eligible for new parent support (paternity) leave.

Statutory adoption pay (SAP)

This is a statutory payment set by the Government which is payable to all staff with at least 26 weeks of service by the qualifying week.

Occupational adoption pay (OAP)

The pay the member of staff is entitled to from the organisation, provided they meet the eligibility criteria.

Higher rate statutory adoption pay (SAP)

90% of the staff member’s average weekly earnings before tax.

Lower rate statutory adoption pay (SAP)

Flat rate of statutory adoption pay.

Matching certificate

Documentary evidence of a member of staff’s right to adoption leave.

Parental order

A parental order transfers parentage from a surrogate mother to the intended parent or parents. This is a process that can only happen once the baby is born and is subject to conditions.

Keeping in touch (KIT)

Day for staff on adoption leave to keep in touch with work colleagues.

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