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Pregnancy and maternity support

Listed below are a selection of simple steps that a manager should take once a member of staff states they are pregnant.

Throughout the staff members pregnancy and maternity, the manager and member of staff should plan ahead and consider the needs of both parties.

During pregnancy

  • Congratulate the member of staff and ask if they require any support or workplace adjustments
  • Complete the new and expectant mothers risk assessment form and any follow up actions
  • Make regular contact to check on the staff member’s health and wellbeing
  • Ensure both manager and staff member are familiar with the maternity leave procedure
  • Ensure discussions are held with the staff member regarding maternity leave arrangements, including use of annual leave and maintaining contact
  • The manager should ensure maternity leave arrangements are confirmed in writing and payroll documentation submitted in a timely manner, prior to leave commencing

Maternity leave

  • Maintain regular contact with the staff member and ensure arrangements regarding the return to work are undertaken a minimum of eight weeks prior to their return, including support required (e.g. breastfeeding facilities)
  • Regular contact should include:
    • Workplace updates
    • Staffing changes
    • Team events
    • Notification of vacancies
    • Trustwide changes
    • Any other relevant updates
  • Confirm arrangements for KIT days, including days, dates, times and payment of these days
  • Ensure payroll documentation regarding the return to work is submitted in advance of the return to work to avoid any payment issues
  • Inform IT of the return to work date and ensure access to all systems are in place on the day of return to work
  • Ensure arrangements are made for the staff member to undertake update training relevant to their role (use of KIT days could be utilised)

Return to work

  • Meet with the staff member upon return to work and complete a return to work maternity leave induction
  • Introduce the staff member to new members of the team
  • Complete training on any new systems or processes
  • Check access to all systems has been activated
  • Ensure staff member attends required mandatory training updates
  • Discuss upcoming priorities, including any required support
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