Heartlands Treatment Centre (HTC)


See a range of frequently asked questions about the Heartlands Treatment Centre (HTC). If the answer to your query is not provided here, please email: TheBigBuild@uhb.nhs.uk.

Why is the centre being built?

The new design will help manage the Trust’s growth in activity and evolving needs of our population. Areas in particular that are affected by high demand such as Outpatients, Endoscopy, Imaging and Day Surgery are due to be located in the new building.

Where will the new building be located?

Heartlands Treatment Centre (HTC) will be located to the rear and right of the main entrance, in front of the Medical Innovation Development Research Unit (MIDRU).

Will there be any extra signage or enhancements to the main entrance as this will be the point of access to HTC?

We will look to have extra volunteers at hand to meet and greet people and reduce congestion in the main entrance.

New technologies will be utilised to improve flow including self check-in kiosks. There are already three kiosks in outpatients.

How will car parking be affected? Will spaces be lost?

We are not looking to treat more patients than we currently would in 2022. There will not be more traffic to the site than there would be in 2022 if the build wasn’t to happen. Some spaces will be lost but we will have a further development on Yardley Road which will significantly enhance parking for staff. In addition there is the deck carpark that staff can utilise so we are confident there will be sufficient parking.

This will free up more parking for patients and visitors. We are also looking at the transport infrastructure and there are plans for a tram line in 2023 which will stop at Heartlands Hospital.

How will the building be funded?

It will be funded by a loan by the Department of Health.

Have local residents been informed?

There has been extensive communications including a door drop and engagement meetings. There will be many more stakeholder engagement events planned as we progress with the plans for the new build.

Will the roads be congested while construction work takes place and how will the impact on local residents be minimised?

We are still working on the logistics. We will separate out where deliveries are dropped off and deliveries will be made at certain times of the day to help ease hospital traffic. Delivery vehicles will not park near local residents.

Will there be employment opportunities for local people?

Local sub-contractors will be used to carry out some of the building work.

When will the new building be open?

It is planned that construction will start in the spring of 2020 with the building due to be open and operational in 2022.

Will there be any flexibility on appointments times, for instance if it clashes with a religious festival/travel arrangements?

If you receive an appointment date that will be difficult to make call the number on your appointment letter and enquire about an alternative date. We will do our best to accommodate patients requirements.

Will the new build have solar panels? Be a green building?

We are aiming for the BREEAM ‘excellent’ building status which has a requirement to be sustainable which we are set to achieve. It is planned to be an energy efficient building and will have solar panels on the roof.

Will the new build have a multi-faith centre?

There will not be one in HTC specifically but the hospital has a mutli-faith centre on-site which can be utilised 24/7.

Can I request to be seen by a female/male member of staff?

Male and female staff can be accessible as appropriate.

Will my privacy be respected?

Speak to staff if you have any specific requirements and they will do their best to ensure you are comfortable.

Will the building have accessible toilet facilities?

The HTC building will have standard toilets, however there is a changing places toilet on site which is designed to meet the needs of people with complex disabilities and come equipped with a hoist, changing table and space for the individual and their carer. The toilet is located by Ward 3 in the tower block and can be accessed by requesting a key from the main hospital reception as well as Ward 3 staff.

Will interpreters be available?

Interpreting services are available to patients across the hospital. There should be a number on your appointment letter if you require an interpreter to let us know your communication needs in advance.

Our self check-in kiosks in outpatients offer a range of 13 languages and have options for those with visual difficulties.

Will an imaging facility remain for inpatients?

Imaging is critical for diagnosing conditions. We will be retaining imaging for inpatients.

Will HTC be open 24/7?

The building will be open from 07:00 – 19:00, Monday to Saturday, with some services operating on Sunday (e.g. some imaging). It is important to note that while the building will be open during these times, not all floors will be running services all of the time.

Will staff have an entrance with lockers and changing?

Staff will access HTC from the main corridor of the hospital emerging on the lower ground floor using swipe cards. The changing facilities, lockers and showers are all located on the lower ground level.

How will patients you use patient transport be managed?

West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) will have a dedicated entrance to enable speedier transfers. Patients brought by WMAS transport will be taken directly to the appropriate reception desk for check-in. Work is underway to review the processes for patient transfer and collection with WMAS.

Will there be signage from the main hospital?

Yes. A careful wayfinding strategy will aid patients around the building – this will include information kiosks, signage and meet and greet volunteers at entrances to direct patients.

With the introduction of new IT systems, will there be less need for admin staff?

New systems will hopefully help the admin clerical teams in patient administration; it is not intended to replace staff. There are no plans to reduce the number of staff.

The introduction of new IT systems will mean that the day-to-day duties of some staff may change to support the new ways of working. Workforce groups have been set up to discuss these and look at how best to use the skills of the staff we have to support clinical teams.

What refreshment facilities will there be?

Each area will have beverage bays with fridges, kettles, sinks etc for staff to be able to make snacks and drinks. Patients and visitors will use the retail facilities (Café One) within the Heartlands Hospital atrium – located very close to the HTC main entrance.

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