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NHS Contract Compliance

Section 27.2: General Conditions of the NHS Standard Contract is as follows:

“The Provider must and must ensure that, in delivering the Services, all Staff comply with Law, with Managing Conflicts of Interest in the NHS and other Guidance, and with Good Practice, in relation to gifts, hospitality and other inducements and actual or potential conflicts of interest. As soon as possible after the end of each Contract Year, the Provider must publish on its website the name and position of any Decision-Making Staff who have neither completed a declaration of interest nor submitted a nil return in respect of that Contract Year, as required of them under Managing Conflicts of Interest in the NHS.”

All UHB staff who are deemed to be Decision Making Staff (1,694 colleagues) have satisfied the requirement above for the contract year (2023/24) just ended.

University Hospitals Birmingham
3 April 2024

Last reviewed: 03 April 2024