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UHB staff: multi-factor authentication implementation

Published on 12/10/2023

To prevent potential attackers from gaining access to the Trust network and causing serious financial and operational damage, we are implementing Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). It is essential that if you have not done so already, you register using the guide under "Downloads".

We are in the process of enforcing MFA which means that you will not be able to access Office 365, Outlook, and Teams without authentication. The enforcement will prompt all staff to authenticate as per the "How to use multi-factor authentication to access Office 365 and Outlook" guide.

A video guide is also available below which demonstrates how to register for and set up multi-factor authentication.

Please note you must register and set up your MFA to enable continued access to Office 365, Outlook and Teams. MFA will soon be enforced for all staff, and it's important you register as soon as possible to avoid losing access to these apps.

Video: multi-factor authentication registration guide

A video guide demonstrating how to set up and register for multi-factor authentication.

Video transcript: multi-factor authentication registration guide

To register with MFA, you need the paste the following link which can be found on the user guide into a website browser.

You then need to click on "Add sign in method" and from the drop-down menu select "Authenticator App" and then press "Add".

You now need to download the Microsoft Authenticator app onto your mobile device. You can do this by going to either the Google Play store or the App Store and simply search "Microsoft Authenticator App".

Once downloaded, go back on to your computer and then press "Next". Now, you need to set up your account. You need to open the Microsoft Authenticator App that you have just downloaded on to your mobile device. If prompted, allow the notifications.

Then you need to add an account and select "Work or school". Going back on to your computer, now you need to select "Next" on the screen.

You will then see a QR code. You need to go back on to your mobile device and using the app you have just downloaded, scan the QR code that you can see on your computer screen.

After you've scanned the QR code, your app should now be linked. You can then now select "Next".

You will then be given a code to test that the app is linked with your device correctly. On your mobile phone, using the app, enter the number the number that is now shown on your computer screen.

Once you've entered the number into your phone, you'll see that your computer will now say that the notification has been approved and you can now select the "Next" button.

Once complete, you will now see a green pop-up box in the right corner of your screen which weill say "Microsoft Authenticator app was successfully registered".

You have now completed setting up your MFA.

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