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Date: 16 December 2017

Time: 13:07

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

Trust to test emergency planning strategy

Story posted/last updated: 19 June 2017

As part of the Trust’s robust emergency planning strategy, an exercise to test the standby power generators – named a ‘Black Start Test’ – will be conducted at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (QEHB) on Wednesday 21 June at approximately 09:30.

The ‘Black Start’ test is a simulation of a mains electricity power cut.

When power is lost or, as in this case, switched off, the system will detect the loss of power automatically and start the standby generators. These will come online in between 20 and 90 seconds to deliver power to QEHB.

Patients and visitors should not be concerned or alarmed, as this is a test only, and not a real incident - it will be business as usual within the hospital. 

Specialist teams, including clinical staff responsible for all key clinical areas will be on hand to ensure staff working on the day are fully aware of the test and are able to issue any relevant instructions and advice that may be necessary.

Lynn Hyatt, Head of Emergency Planning for the Trust said “The Black Start exercise is a routine scheduled test and there will be very little disruption. Apart from a slight dimming in lighting at the beginning of the test, it is unlikely that patient and visitors will notice the test being conducted.”

She added: “These tests are implemented frequently and successfully, and there is no cause for concern. Patients and visitors should attend the hospital as usual.”

The restoration of the mains power supply (at approximately 10:30) will be seamless.

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