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Your Views

Your feedback is vital to us as we continue to increase the quality of our services.

Your views

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Date: 19 June 2021

Time: 22:24

Outpatient survey results

Rheumatology conducts periodic surveys of outpatients to monitor and improve on the quality of service provided. This provides an opportunity for our patients to give us their views. Surveys are conducted over a two week period with questionnaires offered to patients at the end of their visit.

On this page, you can view the latest results from our survey alongside the results from previous years for comparison. The survey is divided into sections covering different areas of the patient experience.

Number of patients surveyed

20122014 2015 2019
50 95 152 120

Reception and times

Patients were asked about their arrival at reception and how long they had to wait.

Measure20122014 2015 2019
Courtesy of receptionist (Excellent or very good) 94% 86% 94% 97%
Waiting times (seen within 15 minutes) 80% 86% 83% 72%
Adequate time in consultation (doctor) - Yes, definitely 100% 96% 95% 97%
Adequate time in consultation (nurse) - Yes, definitely 100% 95% 85% 95%

Listening and confidence

Patients were asked about their experience during the appointment with the doctor or specialist nurse.

Measure20122014 2015 2019
Did the doctor listen to what you had to say? 97% 97% 97% 96%
Did the nurse listen to what you had to say? 100% 98% 90% 90%
Did you have confidence or trust in the doctor? 84% 99% 96% 96%
Did you have confidence or trust in the nurse? 91% 94% 90% 94%

Main problem resolution

Patients were asked whether the main problem they had presented with was dealt with to their satisfaction.

Measure20122014 2015 2019
Yes, completely 84% 93% 82% 85%
Yes, to some extent 14% 6% 10% 8%
No 0% 0% 0% 1%
No response 2% 1% 8% 5%

Dignity and respect

Patients were asked whether they had been treated with dignity and respect.

Measure20122014 2015 2019
Yes, all of the time 92% 97% 90% 93%
Yes, some of the time 6% 2% 0% 1%
No 0% 0% 0% 1%
No response 2% 1% 10% 5%

Overall experience

Patients were asked for their overall rating of the care provided.

Measure20122014 2015 2019
Excellent 74% 74% 68% 79%
Very good 18% 19% 14% 14%
Good 6% 6% 7% 2%
Fair 0% 0% 0% 1%
Poor 0% 0% 0% 0%
Very poor 0% 0% 0% 0%
No response 2% 1% 10% 4%

Patients were asked to write about their experience on the day

2012 2014 2015 2019
Was there anything particularly good about your visit to the outpatient department?
  • Many positive comments
  • Buggy service to/from car park excellent
  • Staff all extremely polite and helpful
  • I have found absolute satisfaction
  • Dr always open-minded and democratic about treatment options, lots of time
  • Excellent service from moment checked-in
  • Very clean
  • Waiting areas clearly labelled and easy to find
  • Self check in quick and easy
66 people wrote about their experience. Two main areas were highlighted as good.
  • Staff attitude
  • Speed and efficiency of being seen
There were 108 written comments.
  • Most comments about staff – helpful and friendly being mentioned by 50%
  • Speed and efficiency of being seen little waiting, seen on time, quick process 30%
105 people (88%) wrote positive comments about the department. These covered the same two arteas as in previous years:
  1. Staff - efficient, friendly, helpful, understanding and caring
  2. The service delivered i.e. timing, efficiency, etc.

"Consultant took the time to understand my condition and situation. This helped build trust and helped me feel confident in the treatment being received"

Was there anything that could have made your visit better?
  • Higher chairs in reception seating area
  • Phlebotomy – had to wait 90 mins
  • TV in waiting room
  • Use of email/text for appointments/ reminders
  • Disabled parking spaces for high-sided vehicles always full with standard cars

Check In

  • Too complicated – why ask all the questions about language.
  • Bar scan first to identify person – default from that
  • More help desk – should be manned more hours
  • Bell when new name added to monitor


  • Reduce waiting time
  • Long wait in x-ray
  • TV or magazines in waiting areas
  • Seats in circular corridor – not good looking at wall
  • TV or magazines in waiting areas


  • Medical students occupying chairs
  • Car parking too expensive
  • One site /area for seeing doctor, nurse and blood test

Parking and access (Most comments received)

  • Cheaper car parking
  • More available spaces – people having to wait for spaces (disabled + normal)
  • Availability of wheelchairs
  • Long way to walk for elderly
  • Better drop off facilities
  • It is creating more stress for patients


  • Shorter waiting times especially when seeing doctor
  • Appointments changed frequently and text reminders still sent for old one

Other (single comments)

  • Toilets messy
  • Rubbish on waiting room floor
  • Wait for blood test
  • See consultant every time rather than different doctor
  • Response from email enquiry to rheumatology nurses
  • Shorter wait at pharmacy
  • TV, reading and more seating
  • Cup of tea provided

Only 23 comments, which covered:

  • Parking and access (car parking too expensive, too far to walk from car park, need more spaces, availability of wheelchairs in car park)
  • Shorter waiting for blood tests and x-rays
  • Would like shorter waiting times
  • More information about waiting times
Any other comments?
  • Well done
  • Seating in corridor not ideal
  • I travel 20 miles to come to a highly recommended hospital, I would not go near my local hospital
  • I have received nothing other than outstanding service… I feel very privileged to be cared for by such expert, yet humble professionals.
  • Initial waiting area pleasant but areas 1a and 1b have depressing “cattle market” layout
  • This department is fantastic
  • Phlebotomy waiting time could be improved
  • Staff always helpful & professional
  • Parking too expensive
  • Excellent staff
  • Cannot speak highly enough about amazing nurses
  • Nurses took great care
  • I felt that I was getting the best
  • Best service ever / Fantastic service
  • Nurses are really polite and very helpful
  • Patient information and time given is excellent. Couldn’t fault the service
  • Waiting area clean and tidy
  • Change the weight machine
  • Staff seem unaware of medical condition beyond rheumatic condition
  • Was not told to take gastro protection with Naproxen until after 3 months
  • Thank you for looking after me
  • Reduce cost of car parking to £1.50 for one hour
  • Give phone numbers to contact inbetween appointments
  • Could emails save a lot of paperwork?
  • Waiting area is very busy because shared with blood tests
  • Excellent


Our surveys provide positive feedback with many encouraging written comments.  In addition a consistent performance is shown.  Positive comments reflect the positive attitudes of staff and the speed and efficiency of being seen.  The comments regarding improvements have also been looked at and passed to the appropriate managers for action to put these into place.

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