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Before your appointment


  • read your appointment letter carefully as there may be special instructions for specific clinics (e.g. arriving before your appointment time for tests or remembering to bring medication with you)
  • arrive on time as arriving late may cause you further delay
  • prepare your medical history (i.e. previous illnesses, known allergies etc.) in advance if you are a new patient
  • wear clothing which can be easily removed for your examination or tests
  • remember to bring any samples you have been asked for in your appointment letter
  • bring with you a list of the medicines or tablets you are taking and your own family doctor (GP) patient medicine card if you have one. If you are having a problem with any of your medicines please bring them with you in the container from the pharmacy. It is important that the hospital doctor knows exactly what medicines you are taking

There are often a number of different consultant clinics being held in one clinic area at the same time and it may seem that patients arriving after you are seen before you. It is likely that these patients are being seen by a different doctor, but if you feel that you have been waiting for an unduly long time, please tell the reception or nursing staff.

Staff in the Outpatient department have name badges, but if you do not know who someone is, please ask.

If the appointment is for yourself, it is best to avoid bringing young children with you if possible. There are limited play facilities in clinics where children are seen.

Last reviewed: 20 July 2023