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Partial booking

University Hospitals Birmingham is introducing partial booking, a new way to book follow-up outpatient appointments.

Partial booking, which will be introduced on a specialty-by-specialty basis throughout 2022, is a new approach allowing you, the patient, to be more in control of your appointments.

The new system will see patients given an approximate timeline for their next appointment as determined by their clinical care team. Patients will then be contacted when an appointment becomes available with a confirmed date and time.

Partial booking will allow you, the patient, to be more in control of your appointments. The use of partial booking at other NHS trusts has been shown to considerably reduce the number of unattended appointments, which will help us see as many patients as possible.

If your condition worsens or causes concern while you're waiting to be seen by the hospital specialist, please contact your GP who can request advice from one of our clinicians if necessary.

If you feel that you are seriously unwell, please call 111, or in an emergency, 999.

Some specialties will not be suitable for partial booking and will continue to use their current systems.

Some types of appointment are also unlikely to be suitable for partial booking, and will also continue to be booked using existing systems.

Last reviewed: 17 June 2022